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Day 2 for me...?(food contained)


Crawling to the finish!
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I would love some encourangement right now :0( Im just downing my last shake for the day, but all i can think about it chicken kebab. I keep feeling sorry for myself as Im going through this harsh regeime to slim down again. I need to shake this off. I think ill be in bed for 8pm right after my baby girl:(
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It's not easy is it? :sigh:

But they reckon the first few days are the hardest... and I would have to agree so far - I'm 6 days in and it starts to feel very empowering, you're doing such a decisive and pro-active thing by starting this diet! Most people don't get past the thinking about it stage, so well done for taking the first step! :)

I find myself fantasising about certain foods (cheese scones... chocolate... kebabs... all the things that got me here in the first place!) but when I examine myself a but more carefully I've come to realise that it's not because I'm hungry, but because I'm following old patterns of behaviour and seeking comfort. It's great to be able to say "actually, no, my body doesn't need those things at the minute".

Stay strong hun, you can do this. And we're all here to support you :hug99:


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I know exactly what you mean. The first time I did this I craved nothing but chicken fried rice. I found that being around other people helped a lot because I knew I couldn't cheat id others were watching. I do know that indulging in your craving does not help at all. You feel so miserable and ill afterwards and the craving doesn't go away, if anything it just gets worse and this is from previous experience. Just keep downing the water and look on the site for slightly more interesting thing you can do with your shakes like mousse and muffins. Please keep going the first week is the worst. It will get easier and just keep picturing yourself in your size 10 jeans. You are doing this for yourself and your little girl. I just remember that I don't want to be the fat Mum at the school gates, I know I don't and i find my 2year old daughter one of the biggest reasons to keep going especially on a bad day. YOU CAN DO THIS. Good luck and keep checking back for inspiration. LOL. xxxx (Hope thats not too long winded).
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Hey there hun,
Firstly...feel mega proud of yourself for having the courage to embark on this regime. It IS tough. Last night I felt exactly the same as you. Wanted to cry. Missed food (and all the sociable elements that go along with it) more than anything. But it passes...and when you have your first weigh in it will all make sense and all be worth it.
Secondly...your cravings are REAL. We are going cold turkey from sugar and carbs and our body is crying out for them right now. So you might well feel tired and miserable...in the same way you would if you'd packed in cigarettes. So don't be hard on yourself...if you need an early night and a good sleep then so be it...and I bet you'll feel a load better in the morning.

Chin up...it WILL be worth it hun



Doing it exante style :)
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Hey Yumy Mumy

Hope your feeling better hun. My first week was horrible, all i thought about was curry and pizza. I was going to bed every night for a week at 6pm crying bless me :)
Ive dont 2 and a half weekds now and although im not hungry, all im craving is tomatoe and cucumber, whats that all about? lol
It really does get easier, just stick with it. I found that coming on here helped me loads, just reading about other people struggeling made me feel that i wasnt on my own.
Ive lost a stone and a half already :) See it works :)

Keep busy xx


Crawling to the finish!
S: 12st12lb C: 12st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.33%)
Thanks for replying everyone :0) I managed to get through day 2 and get good about it :0) I've not mentioned I've done the diet before for 6 weeks without a blip :0) I love it but every time I redraft I forget how hard it is! I'm
so proud I've done day 3 and I'm
in bed now :0) i went to see Cambridge councellor today as I need the variety in the packs. I just love banns so I got a few of them, and I'm
always too busy throughout to shake a pack up so I bought ready made ones :0) only blip is I ate a Cambridge bar which isn't aloud for at least the first week! I've manage to burn 130 cals on my wii so hopefully it makes up for it :0) I just love this diet once my mind is into it. Just keep telling
myself it's not forever :0) thank you again xx

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