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Day 2 in the Lipotrim House...

...and its not been too bad today :)
Last night was awful, i felt very hungry/weepy/irritable etc and went to bed early to stop myself caving..and that was only day 1!! Today has been a little better thankfully, dont get me wrong im still hungry now but i know that after yesterday i can cope. I dont like the chicken soup very much and think i might swap them for the shakes on Thursday when im off work, i find then very grainy even when blended but the shakes tasted much better today for some strange reason even though i made them exactly the same as yesterday lol.
What i do need to know is how people cope in work? I dont yet have a shaker so im going to have to take my measuring jug and hand blender with me for lunch. I thought possibly i could make it in the morning and take it in a flask but the instructions say you should drink it within 15 mins of making it, does everyone do this? I by no means want to cheat i just want to know how you guys do it when youre in work for 8 hours a day..any advice would be much appreciated. I hope everyone has had a 100% day today and doesnt mind me posting such a long whinge at this time of night
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Hang in there missmyfood you are doing an excellent job and feel free to come have a moan in the forum anytime thats what its for ! Good luck xx
Hiya Missmyfood,
Dont worry we all moan at some point on here!! im on day 9, I found day 5 and 6 the worst think that had a lot to do with it being the weekend too! everyones different! as for going to work with the shakes i find the shaker really handy when im on the go so i'd try and get a hold of one might make it easier for ya, apparently if u leave them mixed for a while it all separates and looks yucky but i havent done it yet myself! how about taking a flapjack for lunch? alot of people dont like them but i like the peanut one its dry and takes ages to eat but i find it satisfying! or even make a moose from the shakes and keep it in the fridge this should be fine too.
good luck with ur journey xxx
Hi Missmyfood, well done for joining lipotrim! Im nearing the end of week 4 now and I can honestly say after the first week it definately gets easier.

I wouldnt leave your sachets for longer than 15 mins when mixed as apparently they lose all the nutrients after that time. I use my shaker at work and its great.

Also being at work is the easy part for me. I find that when im here im not thinking of food. Im a PA so dont really take a lunch break therefore i can just sit at my desk and drink my shake at lunch. Weekends are the hardest for me. I hate not being able to call in for lunch somewhere or have something really yummy for tea whilst watch x factor. lol

Dont worry though, whatever it is you find hard now, once you start seeing results it will all be worth it and make it feel a lot easier.

Good luck on your first week and for your first weigh in!

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