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Day 2...... Phewwwww

I am new here, I am on DAY 2 (spent most of day 1 in bed) I am recently separated, mum of 2 aged 10 & 8 and about to start Cambridge SS'sing for a couple of months (fingers and all other bits's X'd). I tried LL but felt like most that the lack of variety, cost & vile bars needed me to change.

Just as I found the strength to start again my marriage failed and we are separated I guess what - I've eaten my way through the pain.... Which is a line from a kids programme called Hannah Montanna which my kids watch - eekk I really do need to get a grip!

So I'm back here at approx 13 st 7lbs wishing to lose at least 3st (ideally in 3 weeks - now wouldn't that be great).

My user name is TinkleWinkle - my brother & best friend always call me Winkle - after the bustly hedgehod in Beatrix Potter and Tinkle - as I have peed for England & dont think anyone can have spent as much time in the loo over the past day and a bit as me! I wore leggings yesterday and was at home so it wasn't to bad today I have jeans on that require doing up and things! Not great when ya need to pee.

Anyway - just thought I'd come straight out and intro myself as I have a feeling I might become a serial poster xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Tinkle Winkle.

This is a great site for advice and general chat!!!
I am seeing a CDC tomorrow, so will start posting in earnest then! I did SW for a while, but got fed up of not loosing the weight quick enough.

Good luck with your first week - it does get easier!


Strong women stay slim
Hi Tinkle , and welcome you are same weight as me and want to get to the same goal ! Yes day 2 and day 1 for me i was very headachy and i just wanted to die lol . I'm a restarter of CD , first time it was to hard and i broke off of it , but always said i'd be back , and yes here i am , yes keep posting on here thats a good thing . pester pester is the best thing lol . How do you feel today ?
Well its also TOTM for me :mad:..... So though I feel cold I'm also hot :eek:... But no headache - I think that'll be pn day 3 & 4 knowing my luck!

Hungry - yes a bit, I've decided to split my 1st pack into 2 as was finding it a bit toooooo proteiny, I mix up choc and vanilla, split into 4 and have 2 mocha lattes 1 about 10 then the other for lunch which means that I can have 2 soups in the evening?

I'm quite enjoyin the planning and the beginning flutterings of regaining control?????????? Does that sound silly?????? Probably!

I am looking forward to the bars next week - which is really positive the fact that I am already seeing myself here next week.



Full Member
hi tinkle! brilliant, same here-day 2, same goal of 3 stone (well, 50lb as you're expected to put on 7lb in water weight once you come off the plan)

yesterday was the same for me-had to have a nap at 6pm and i'm beginning to think the running back and forth from the loo is the only way i'm going to lose weight!
everyone's talking about me

............. As I've spent more time in the loo than at my desk! Its quiet at work today - hence the postings so apart from posing and peeing not much more is getting dun!!!!! :D:D:D


Strong women stay slim
Tinkle , no that does not sound silly . Control is good , you do start to think different on this , you have too !
Me too with the bars can't wait . They think what is she up to in the loo , then they will go in there one by one to have a look for themselfs , lol
I've decided that I need to become a list maker.... I could make lists about everything, not just boring shopping ones but life ones as well. I need to get myself a nice book to write in and a nice pen to write with in the evenings :D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Keeping a diary of sorts really does help. You can write how you are feeling, what you want to achieve and other things that are personal to you. When you are feeling low and need the inspiration, dig it out and read it from the beginning.

The bars are delicious and I can't wait to start eating them again either!


Strong women stay slim
Funny you should say that last night i was looking for a pad , cos i'm also writing my blog all about CD and when i started and so on so its not just on the pc its on paper too , i wrote in there last night and i did some today , i'm going to try to write in there every day if i can . What sort of things will you write about ?


Strong women stay slim
Mrs V
Yes i've started to write things down now , ho good the bars can't wait i've just got two to try them
I thought I'd write all sorts of lists, good things about me, things I want to change, things I want for the house, things I want for the kids.... I'd also like to write down what I've achieved each day, just 1 little thing regardless of whether I am dieting or not. At the beginning, it will prob be 'managed to stay of programme' LOL :D....
I'm very bery good at telling myself how bad I am, how I've failed and all the things that are negative about me - this is return gives me the reason to continually eat and get fatter and fatter!
So, if I start to tell myself the GOOD things I achieve each day, week, month etc I am hoping to feel more positive about MYSELF.
I'm all focussed and give fantastic advice to my kids, my friends etc etc but totally useless when it comes to myself! :sigh:... I need to change more than just me eating habits - re-reading this little epitagh :rolleyes: xxxx


Strong women stay slim
did you see the paper sunday ? about bobby davro ? how he turned to his friend paul mckenna to rethink about his life ? he showed him techniques that helps resolve emotional problems , he said he had to train his mind to think postive things , he said he would play sad music and started playing happy music and instead of thinking everthing is gloomy and dull he would try to think everything is fantastic , now hes working out getting back to his old shape .
WE need to go to them classes, laughing classes lol
Do you know - I actually love dance music, Old Skool - BUT at the moment if it comes on I channel hop, if its miserable and sad then I'm listening to it. I'd rather not listen to the tunes which were all about bopping around in size 12-14's stuff having FUN!

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