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Day 2 - weight loss and pain

Ok, im on day two. The hunger pains are really getting to me, im drinking lots of water but the pain just wont go away (im hoping it will go soon) sometimes the hunger pains are so bad makes me feel sick. BUT on a plus side, weighed my self today and lost 5lb in less than 48 hours.. RESULT!!!!:)
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the hunger pains will go i promise by day 5/6 ketosis will kick in and most of the hunger will disapear, just get through the next couple of days, distract yourself by reading, having bath, watching telly, going out for walk, wasting your time away on internet etc anything that takes your mind off hunger, keep drinking. Fantastic about weight loss so far, to keep motivated just think how much you will have lost in another 48 hours :) x
Thanks for the advice hun... my god its hard isnt it, i so cant wait till it gets a bit easier and the hunger does one lol. Your weight loss is great, 13lb 1st week then 8lb the next week.. hope mines that good
i know i nearly feel off scales last friday when they said another 8 lbs off haha i need to remember in me head that it wont be that much every week or else i will get disapointed :-/ and you are right i actually think this is one of the hardest things i've done and thats saying something. the support on here is ace though aint it :) it really will start getting easier in a couple of days. Hope you got lots of support at home as well coz that makes it easier as well x
Yeah my partner and my mam and family are behind me and my best mate is too. I do have some friends and people at work who are quite negative... they keep saying how unhealthy it is, but i say that being obese is unhealthy and that im doing something about it, that shuts them up hahahah
i think my ticket has changed yey it has haha
yeh i get the impression off others that work is a negative place, i'm quite lucky being a counsellor as all my work collegues are counsellors so i get a load of support off them as well as my fella n little girl. like you said though its more unhealthy being obese and the chemist and doctors wouldnt sell this to us if it wasnt healthy to do. tell em stick it up there pipe and smoke it at work hahaha x
Keep going hun... another couple of days!!! You will feel tonnes better!!! Hang on in there!!! Keep thinking of that 5lb in 48 hours!!!!!

Distraction is the key to the first few days!!! Good luck!!!
Yeah ive been doing anything to stop me craving food. I have my worst pain in the afternoon then by the night time im not even hungry for my shake... strange egh. Fingers crossed for another loss in the morning... help me through the 1st few tough days. Im coming down with a cold now.
Stay strong and those pains will soon disappear. And the weight! Best diet ever.
do any of you keep ure mesurements, ive decided im gunna do that aswell... hoping it will spur me on a bit aswell
yeh very good motivation to keep track of lost inches as well, as for cold i just finished with my cold and i got through with painkillers and lots of hot peppermint tea and the chicken soup warmed up, good luck x

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