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Day 2 :)

I know how silly it sounds as I've done TFR for 6months solid 2years ago but I'm sooo proud of myself for making it through Day1 yesterday! I knew once I did that i'd be fine :) Just i quit smoking 2weeks ago and all week i've been trying Day one and just had NO willpower, well it's back and I'm ready to do it properly this time!
How is everyone today?
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well done girl now just keep it up and ull be on the road to ur better smaller self and a extra bigger congrats on giving up the smokes add the two together ur going to be a completely better quality u well done xx
Thanks Molly!!
What part of good aul eire are ya from? :)


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Hey Guys,

Hope ye don't mind me adding my 2 pence worth but I am from Dublin. It's great to see some fellow irish out there. Hope your weekend is going well, I endured the pub on friday night and a fry up in a cafe on sat morning by just drinking water. My first weigh in is on Tuesday, I don't know what loss to expect for my weight but hope it is enough to keep me feeling good.
Hopefully we will all get good news this week!
I'm a dub too Sci-Fi!
Can't see myself braving the pub anytime soon, the cinema will be my refuge I think!

It's great to see some Irish, sometimes I think I'm the only person in the country that isn't totally against Lipotrim! :/
hey sci-fi welcome. guys ive bared the pub three times and u no wat its grand. last night i even stuck on a short dress and sext heels and worked it on the old dance floor. even with the weight or without it its mind over matter. i have always be confident enought with my self but the last few months my extra weight was getting the better of me. so even a stoneish off has given a chance to feel more myself again. if u like going out (and i dooo) i think u should embrace it now cos this is really about changing u as much as it is getting slim. my friend whos on lt too used to have to be off her head to have a good time out but even she gave it a good old shake to the music last night and thats amazing for her as she was on the water. just goes to show :) ok im blabbering but u no wat i mean lol
No you're dead right but I reeeally need to wait till i'm about 3 weeks in cos to honest i'm worried i'll cave otherwise and have vodka and diet- I've many times talked myself into that cos it's was carbless :mad: grr!
I'm the same though, i'm 15st7bls now and it's only the 1st and a half that reeeally got me down. When that comes off i'll be deeeeelighted!
Ah there's loads of us!
Have to say I'm so so chuffed about the smokes :)
Never thought I'd give up, though it is true what they say, i was hungry ALL OF THE TIME over the past two weeks but today i'm not a bit?!?!
In the head obviously!
well it probably is a great idea to give them both up cos the katosis curbs hunger so it will do the double job ya no. hey i think ill do a irish thread and see how many irish people we have on here wat u think?? be nice i think
Oh do that Molly!!
Bet there's loadsa Irish guests creeping around :p i used to be one haha!

Ah Want2lose it that's a really lovely thing to say thank you!
I think it is a good idea to do both cos imagine losing all the weight on LT then maintaining, giving up the smokes and putting it back on :( aghh!
First of all, well done Daisyhappy, I was the same this time around..i did it 3 years ago n found it 10 times harder this time!! But back in the swing of it now(apart from small slip lst week). but i've forgiven myself 4 it now and am moving ahead!! I wish i could avoid the pub... but i WORK in one!! It is only tough going when i let it be though..and lately i've found the hardest part of my job is getting out the door when i'm finished my shift, without saying yes to a drink.All the usual customers that i would've sat down and had a few with, don't know whats goin on with me!! I have become so antisocial?? But i do have the excuse of Lent now! Have to say wouldn't get through the days without coming on here this time,don't know how i did it lst time without MM..it's so great,like just now coming on and knowing there's someone else in the same boat!!! CHEERS!!:7834:
That's what I'm thinking Daisy, why go to all the bother of doing the LT knowing I want to quit anyway...I find comfort from nicotine craves in anything sugar laden lol so I just know I'd be on the road to undoing whatever good I do with the LT
Oh i miss working in a pub! The craic was great!!
I'm on here all the time but during the week I'm a bit paro about posting cos my manager can view my screen from his and i'd be embarressed him seeing my weight etc :( but being on today and yesterday has lifted my mood so much i think feck him, I shall be a poster and not just a voyer!
Fair play not having the after shifts drinks, we're kinda lucky it's lent, ya know if we don't want to be telling everytone we're on LT!
ive been using that excuse but wat will we say after lent lol im going to just say that lent turned me off drink and that im feeling better off it so gonna keep going for a bit.. it wont be a lie like :p
Well if you'd seen me last week :( shamefull, i was a complete pig!
Every evening i stuffed my face with EVERYTHING, all sugary and i'm actually a more savoury person!!

I've been whitening my teeth and it's great not undoing all the hard work by smoking, so that's keeping me motivated regarding the smokes and i think it's this site keeping me motivated regarding the weight! :)
:worthy:Well you seem to have the attitude right this wk(re: your manager)And well done giving up the ciggies.. I'd love to try but i think i might run all the customers away if i did!! No food,No alcohol,No cigs and a barfull of half mad, half p#**$d people will not mix well. I no it's a bad excuse but don't think i'm ready yet.Think you have done the right thing.;)
I think everyone has a time to give up, i do believe that. You need to really really want to stop. For 9 whole years i honestly didn't mind being a smoker, i certainly didn't have any urge to give up. You'll know when you're good and ready!