Day 2....


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i have cold feet since starting this diet, and lots of others say about being cold!
the cold feet are very annoying at night! i used to be a human radiator, i have cooled down a lot and guess my skin is normal temperature now. in my head i think this is a good thing because it must mean all my energy is going to fighting the fat!!
good luck with day 2 ")


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Hi well done on completing day 1. Its day 2 for me and I'm cold aswell. My CDC told me to expect it so maybe some of it is just in my head, some of it is the fact that its freezing cold and some of it is because I'm on CD ! My OH was on nights last night and I took myself off to bed with a hot water bottle !


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well done, yes im always freezing now!
i wore pj`s socks and a dressing gown for bed the other night, my parter said the house was warm, well i wasnt!


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I have always suffered from cold feet:(. Now on day 3 of the 810 plan and I am absolutely arctic! My toes are like icicles and nothing seems to help other than a hot bath. Clearly the benefits of this eating(or not?!) plan far outweigh the bad points, so i'm willing to put up with it! I'm not so sure if my husband would agree though as i'm trying to use him as a radiator most of the time...LOL!:giggle:


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Get yourself a nice hot water bottle - it's my new best friend :)


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God how i suffered from the cold. My DH thought that we were living in a Turkish Bath as i continued to turn the heating up.
I wear PJs and even, i have to whisper, sometimes fluffy bedsocks:8855:. Even sadder, i bought an electric under-blanket, but only a single one, as DH would never need one on his side of the bed.
Feel so sorry for you starters, especially as the temperatures outside are 0 degrees and lower. I started CD in September during milder weather.
CD must be difficult with current temperatures outside, but i still feel the cold, especially now that my insulating blubber has disappeared.
But give me an extra fleece to wear, rather than return to my obese BMI


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Hello all
Its my second day on cd and feeling freezing cold like you all. I am an ex-lighterlifer and been through this before. I have 3 stone to loose and whenever I am hungary I read fantastic posts on minimins. I need all the support.

XXX jindal

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Thank you for your replies... Glad its normal!! I'm sat with loads of layers on which is so unusual for me!!

I was starting to feel a bit low so coming on here has boosted me again! Hubby starts tomoro so thats extra support!!

How long does it normally take to get into ketosis??