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Day 3 funny taste in my mouth

Well I started on Tuesday morning and although I was really hungry on that day yesterday it didnt seem too bad in fact I felt really positive and almost felt thinner!! Today it seems hard again and I have a really strange taste in my mouth - it almost feels like it is furry and slighting burning - is that normal?

Looking at all your weightloss really makes me want to stick to it - I have between 2 1/2 and 3 stone to loose and it seems so much at the moment.

I dont have a set of scales at home would you advise getting some or is it not a good idea to weigh yourself too much?

Sorry about all the questions and thanks for your help.

Jane x
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the funny taste in your mouth could well be that you're in ketosis.
i was the same.
i wouldnt advise u to get some scales, as your weight can fluctuate every day, and you will only get a true reading if you weigh yourself on the same scales at the same time every week :D
Cheers Kim - its such a weird thing but if it means I am in Ketosis I suppose thats a good thing :)

Wont bother with the scales then will try and be paitent but I was never very good at that!! Definately not one of my virtues.... :D


Step away from the chips!
A weird tatse in my mouth was my first sign that i was in Ketosis. That was at the end of day 1. However my hunger almost completely disappeared at the same time.

If you can live without your scales then i would do so, although i like to scale-hop a litttle too much :eek: but it keeps me motivated mid-week (and i like the fact they weigh 8lbs less than the CDCs lol, even though i go by his for my "true" weight :rolleyes:)
I find brushing your teeth (and tongue) and using mouth wash and gold spot during the day really helps keep that away. The water really really helps with it too....


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what's a gold spot????
gold spot is mouth freshener spray :) Listermint do them too


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ah right thanks :)

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