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I felt so hungry this morning that I actually went to marks and spencers to get some sandwiches and crisps and was going to go the chip shop too.

I got to the door and had a mental row with myself about how if I did give in the last two days will have been yet another waste, so I walked past the shops and back into work.

Still feel really hungry, but I am tryign to stay strong. :sigh:
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Strong women stay slim
You did the right thing . day 3 will be bad , as headache . Your BMI is same as mine , your not alone .
You did the right thing . day 3 will be bad , as headache . Your BMI is same as mine , your not alone .
Thank you. It sometimes feels like no-one else can suffer without food like I can! I've got to try and break the habit of constantly going off the diet.

It's good to know other people can relate. :)
hi there, I really feel for you - day three was the worst for me - it really got better from day 4 onwards so I suggest when you get home you have a nice hot bath and an early night and tomorrow will seem better. xx
The great thing here is that you NEARLY caved, but didn't. I know it must have been very hard, I've been there myself. But now you can use that strength to stay focused.

Well done for giving yourself a good talking to, as you will regret it if you give in and have to start all over again. :hug99:
Thank you all for the advice. So good to be on here with people who KNOW what it's like to be in this position.

I'm off to the cinema later so that wil take my mind off food!


Strong women stay slim
Cinema , all you hear is russal of sweet papers lol
but its good cos its load in there lol
Say , stop , Do you know I'm on a diet lol
I've had quite a tough week. my own fault for cooking for my hubby lol!
I've almost gone crazy with the wanting to eat. I know I wouldn't give in because I would be so cross afterwards but the urge and need have sometimes been overwhelming.
Stay strong - we all can do it!
well done and great work on ressisting temptation yesterday
I bet you felt so much better that evening knowing you resisted temptation, well done!
Good 4 u. I too have just completed the dreaded day 3 and nearly caved in! Fortunately as this is my final phase on a VLCD, I knew what to expect although it is super hard!!! Keep up the good work x
Hey Everyone x

Im on day 4 of the cambridge diet, its going well, although the thought of another shake is making me feel sick lol!!

I want to ask a question, i wonder if anyone will be able to answer it,

Yesterday (day 3) - I had 1x shake in the morning, and 1x shake at lunch, for dinner i had 2 thin slices of cucumber & also the same of carrot INSTEAD of a porridge or shake, would this affect my weight lose? even tho i didnt have my evening CD meal?

I feel so bad about cheating, but i had to physicaly eat something, i felt soo ill !!

Thanks & good luck everyone =D x
A few slices of carrot and cucumber won't have the same nutrients as a shake would have.
My counsellor said that if I must eat something then make sure its a bit of protein like chicken or something? Though obviously it is best to just have your 3 cambridge shakes a day.
You could always do the diet above sole source, which incorporates a bit of food? I can't remember the details of it, but I'm sure someone else on here will!
Good luck on your journey!
This Is my first Week On CD and I'm on day 7 and starving I don't know why I've been 100% all week and was feeling ok all the other days apart from today, so I had a very slim slice of cucumber to suck on instead of giving in and eating a meal with the family!
Weigh in tomorrow morning I hope this starvation is all worth it!!!! Wish me luck x
Weigh in tomorrow morning I hope this starvation is all worth it!!!! Wish me luck x
good luck hope the scales are very good to you :D:D:D:D:D:D

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