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day 3 of aam - feel completely blown up!


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Just wondered if anybody else had experienced this? I'm on day 3 of aam week and this evening my tummy has blown up like a balloon! I darent get on the scales as I feel as though I have put weight on.

Really enjoying my meals and was thinking of changing to 790 at the end of my 7 days but if this is how i am going to look then i think i'll have to go back to ss!
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I can do this.
I felt the same way when i did aamw,i was bloated and felt heavy but i still lost 3lb,


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thanks everyone.

i think maybe my "tablespoon" has been slightly generous - perhaps that has been the problem!

got on the scales this morning and havent lost anything since my tuesday weigh in but at least i havent put on. if i stay the same for a week then i wont be too upset.

its strange how you feel so full after your meal in the evening isnt it? i just hope that once i start eating "normally" i will still only want such small portions! lol
I've yet to start my AAM but i think there should be pics on here to show exactly what the portion size must look like? god a tablespoon is sooo small(one mouthful)


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Can someone remind me please which week aam is? I'm on Day5 of my first week and its been ages since I ss'd properly, Ive forgotton!


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oh dear i've definitely been putting more than one mouthful on my plate! i thought a tablespoon was one of those serving spoons? ie, bigger than a dessert spoon? have i got it all wrong? i'm panicking now!
I thought a tablespoon is the size most people use for breakfast and recipes and stuff? serving spoon is the bigger one you use to dish out the food to the plates?

if you put in a image search for tablespoon it brings up this size and to me thats breakfast cereal size, i wonder if they mean serving spoon
Ok, lol... stop the panic!

A tablespoon is a tablespoon... lol.. if you were reading from a recipe to make a cake (sorry) you would know what spoon to use right? To be honest though, even if you used a serving spoon for the veg, it won't make all that much difference. Seriously. It won't.

My losses have always been lower on AAM weeks because I was always generous with my measures and I didn't altogether stick to the list, however, the cost was a low loss, but the gain was, for me, a more satisfying meal. Now... it worked for me BUT it's NOT how you should do it. (I always stuck to the right amount of protein though).

AAM is just really there because the health guidelines state that you are not supposed to SS for more than 4 weeks continuously... so, whack in a teeny meal each day for 7 days and you fulfil the health criteria. Job done. The biggest bonus of AAM is, I think, that you get to handle and prepare food, and then you get the pleasure of enjoying every damn morsel! I can't tell you how long it took me to eat my very first AAM but it was a LONG time!! Teensy or not, I enjoyed every single scrap of it! lol It helps you to control your eating too, you have to measure and weigh and it gives you an insight into just how much we really eat when we think we are 'being careful'!

Enjoy your AAM week, plan it well and it will help loads. Have fun with this diet - it's a tool to enable you to ultimately achieve what you want to. I would definitely recommend you look at the thread with recipes for the packs and have a go at them. CD 'muffins' have been a life-saver for me! Also for a while the 'crisps' and 'biscuits'.

Lots of luck with it all, I'm sure it'll all come together great and that you will get into AAM no problems - it's like anything new, practice and you get better at it :) Have a lovely day.

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