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day 4 cambridge diet, so close to giveing up.

hi, im on day 4 :cry:and very hungry, i only manneged 2 shakes yesturday cos they are vile i can only drink the strawberry and choc mint, im drinking loads of water and blk coffee oh and smoking loads,
.my mouth feels like card board,

.i have no energy (dose this mean i have not gone into kitosis yet) ?????

.im dreaming bout food (is this normal)??

i dont feel like im looseing waight or water im still fat, :mad:

is there anyone in there first few days that wants to support each other ( even tho i will prob depress u lol)

i dont understand day 1 and 2 were horrible but i got thru them day 3 felt good little hungry but energy was ok day 4 im dieing and gunna start eating the key bored on laptop,

will i ever feel beta or shall i give up and go kfc mmmmmm kfc mmmm:copon:focus
plz help xx
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aww dont give up yet!
have you tried your shakes hot> i prefered them hot
first few days are usually hardest and ur hunger should go soon
day 4

yes tried most of them soups,and hot shakes i thru it up the only ones i can seem to get down is strawberry and choc mint with ice if i down them quick,

im not guna give up iv gone this far im just so hungry and no energy, :cry:


Addicted to this site lol
Hi I may going to sound ike a lecture...lol.
You must drink all your shakes or else you will find you don't lose as quick, you will feel hungry,etc. Stick to it, the hunger will soon fade and go to none exsistent. Remember it took you a long time to get where you are ie, your weight you will not see changes overnight that is wishfull thinking but the changes will soon be there for you and everyone to see week by week.
Just remember in a month or so you will be looking back and thinking how good you feel BUT if you give up now you will feel worse for not doing it then you you do now because you finding it hard. I have lost 27lb so far and still got a long way to go ie. about 8st I know its not easy but being on week 5 I just wish I had started this diet soon.
Good luck
dont be hard so urself ur body is adjusting to having so few calories but does get better promise.
have you tried the tetras? they taste v diff to shakes or the porridge?
day 4

thanks sav, and well done :Di no im not guna see it over night but would like too hehe, thought i may of lost a bit of water tho,

tracey= what are tretras ?
Keep going it really does work, Hubby and I have lost almost 7 stone between us in 9 weeks, hubby was finding it really hard at first but now it really is routine. You must have 3 packs a day or 4 if you are on SS+. The tetras are pre-mixed drinks (like a shake) they are really lovely especially the chocolate one, also the porridge is yummy. It will take a while until you find which packs you like, the mix a mousse is a godsend, makes the shakes into a angel delight type desert....we have them most nights for supper (doing SS+). Once you get to week 3 then you can start to introduce the bars as well. Keep gulging the water too. Good luck. xx
well done i hope i stay as strong as u 2 have, im finding this first week so hard, but looking at ur weight chart just helped me loads i hope i can loose 9 lbs in first week x stacey x


Mummy of 2!
hi stacey

im only on day 6. i found day 4 the worst! then on the 5th day i was in ketosis and started feeling a bit better. today i havent yet felt hungry and have had to remind myself to have my second shake. im not thinking or craving food anymore either.

hang in there. give yourself a week, then if you really cant hack it then try something else. you have given it a good shot.

i thinits going to be very hard to stick to if you dont like the flavours to be honest.

which ones have you tried so far? did your cdc give you a product list?? with it being my first week i only chose a few flavour shakes but next week im going to try all the soups & porridge, some people say they are totally gross but i might like them! if not ill go back to shakes, not the end of the world.

I really like the apple and cinnamon porridge, though i save this for the weekends as its difficult to make it at work. The soups are ok, i like the chilli one best, the chicken and mushroom one is good too.
oh and yes day 4 was horrible for me too. i felt much better by days 5 and 6.
hi amyeve, thanks, no didt get a list but she had everythink there so i just grabed a few of each i went bk to her today and swoped them all foe choc mint as that seems to be only 1 i can get down all the others iv had i can only mannage to drink half and throw it away and onloy 2 a day but i will have three today cos i got choc mint,

im so glad i have found this site and ppl are interacting and supporting me or i think today i would have given up it defo is my worst day ever but heyho its nearly ova and iv nearly done day 4.

amyeve = how much have u lost in 6 days? do u feel like u are looseing now ?
Found you!! As I said stick with it hun, it get's easier!

i have lost about 8lb - but i dont get weighed properley by cdc until tomorrow. i've only felt lighter and like im loosing in the last few days.

first few days i couldnt understand why i didnt feel emptier than i should of felt considering i hadnt eaten anything for ages!
well last few days here i come i hope i loose at leat 7lbs in this first week
Hi Stacey

I was in a bad way for the 1st couple of days and hated all of the shakes too. The soup and porridge actually made me gag and i puked!

For a few days I held my nose and downed the shakes. It is really important you have 3 shakes a day or you will feel ill and energy levels drop even more. Have you tried the tetra drinks (ones in little cartons they might suit you better)

Now i am on week 4 and can drink the shakes like normal drinks. I like the strawberry, chocolate, banana shakes and choc mint(with mix-a-mousse from week3) and look forward to them.

Also from week 3 you can have the bars and mix-a-mousse too.

Stay strong and this bad spell will past and the weight loss will motivate you so much. I lost 12lbs in my 1st week and have not looked back since.

Good luck
thanks u yummymummy, im feeling much beta this evening, well done for getting so far i just hope i can do it to and 12lb in 1 week fantastic, i think il stick to just choc mint this week tho thruoing up really turned me off the soups lol
cant sleep

oh and cant sleep very well :eek: is anyone else having same problem on cd ss? i do drink a lot of coffee tho but always have and never had trouble b4
thanks u yummymummy, im feeling much beta this evening, well done for getting so far i just hope i can do it to and 12lb in 1 week fantastic, i think il stick to just choc mint this week tho thruoing up really turned me off the soups lol
You can do it. :D It does take some getting use to and its a massive adjustment to your body and mind but it is worth it in the end. :)

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