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Day 4 - feeling worse

Hi guys... I am convinced I do everything arseways! I did LT last year and felt exhausted on it for a week, I gave up completely after that as I do have two smallies to run around after.

I started ss on friday last, found fri/sat/sun fine, great in fact. But today (day 4) I have just hit a brick wall. Girls are playing up, I'm like a bear with a sore head and not able to deal with it. Dragging myself off the sofa. Poor DH came home and is avoiding me. I was so positive yesterday and since I started, now I feel my mood turning very negative and worry I am on a slippery slope already. I am miserable with a capital M and just want to crawl into bed for the week.

Help... anyone been here?
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Yes hun, I can relate to that too. It was day 5 for me I felt like sh*te I had a stinking headache all day couldn't shift it. I remember going to bed about 10pm woke up the next day and felt fine. It will pass honestly stick with it chick it'll be worth it in the end.
Thanks Lisa, makes me feel almost normal that someone had a similar experience. I had sooo much to do today and just let it all go. I have a lot of running around to do with my 2 tomorrow so it'd be great if I woke up with more energy. On days like these, I looked forward to getting the girls bathed and to bed, then I'd hit the couch, watch some tv and munch munch munch... Tis tough when I know that the only thing that will pass my lips is water water water.... :sigh:


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Thats the brill thing about this site though isn't it? One or other of us will definately have experienced the same thing at some time so hop on this forum for all the support you need.x
Can I ask ye another question; when do you take your shakes if on ss. I do morn/lunch/dinner. (I like to eat with the family as much as possible). I'm finding it hard at night. What if I skipped breakfast time, as I know I can and saved my 3rd till 8/9pm? Is there any advice on when the shakes should be taken. Thanks again....


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Sometimes i have to have 2 about 9pm as i have been tooooooooooooo busy through the day as well as struggling to get all the water down. I would think as long as they go down over 24 hours the times wouldn't matter.
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I have my first one about 11.30-12.00, then I usually have my soup about 5ish when the family are having their tea then I have my last one about 9.30pm usually a hot chocolate mmmmm.

Hope you're fighting fit tomorrow.
Hi hon sorry you feel low at the mo, but it will pass definitely, just hang in there. I have my 1st shake around 12 - 1pm then one when family eat then a hot cho or a mousse around 9pm. I try to drink a pint of water an hour and start the day with a couple of coffees or green teas. Hope that helps a bit but keep going!:)
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Sorry you have had a bad day.We all get them at different times.
I'm on my 8th week and still struggled over the kids spag bol tonight.You just have to stay positive and remember your goals
I have my first shake at 11 ish,then another at 4 ish and the other around 8.30ish,although if I'm busy I do change a little.
I seem to remember been told at some point that you should space them out a bit,but I think you have to suit your own lifestyle
I was headachey and shattered on days 3 - 5, but have definitely got more energy now (just starting 4th week). Keep up the good work!

I find the chocolate shake too thick, so split the pack in half to have one for breakfast and one later in the day. I thought I could have half a bar and save half for later, but that seems impossible.


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Hi honey....day three was bloody horrific for me! I woke up at 6.30am with a headache and went to bed at 11pm with the same headache....I can't remember half of what I did at work that day as I felt so muggy headed and rubbish and I just wanted to cry when I cooked the kids their chicken kievs for tea.....
But I woke up early on the Saturday morning (day 4) with a new lease of life...had so much energy and felt so positive and upbeat and happy!
I'm a single mum to 3 children ages 15, 11 and 8 and I know how hard it is running around after the little munchkins, but I just keep imagining how easier it all will be when I'm at goal and I don't get so out of breath and tired looking after them......how better for the kids it will be too having a mum who is so happy and confident in her body and ready to take them swimming, biking and out for nice long walks!

You stick with it hun....it does get easier I promise and the rewards are more than worth it too! (Day 6 for me now - WI day tomorrow! Woooo!)

I tend to drink at least 3 litres of water and black coffees before 2pm ish and then at tea time have a soup and a shake (tea with a pudding! lol!) then about another litre and half of water before having my last shake at around 9pm.......I've found that if I get all my water drunk during the day and just having sips etc on the night time I'm not up and down out of bed having a wee every 5 minutes!

Anyways I've wrote a novel and have a book I really want to read staring at me.......

Good Luck honey and stick with it! :)
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Hiya, sorry you are suffering, I know alot of people find day 4/5 a difficult one, hang in there it will get better. I tended to have my shakes around 11ish, 2ish and 8ish but it's whatever suits you best. I know some people who have all three in the evening.

You have no idea how much your posts have helped. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

I can really relate to your stories, as if cooking the dinner tonight for the family wasnt bad enough, the kids were having crackers and cheese with their milk before heading to bed and they were trying to feed them to me. I swear I must be a saint.

I hope it works, I also want to be a mummy not too embaressed to get into her swimsuit and bring the girls swimming. I did bring them before but I was so embaressed I said never again at this size.

Interesting to see that most people have the shakes late morn... I definitely think that will work better for me, so I'll try that tomorrow.

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