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Day 5 and god i miss food!


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Poor you!! I remember from 3 years ago I had days like that! It usually passes and as your only on day 5 the cravings may be stronger? I found it got a lot easier after the first 2 weeks. I'm starting afresh tomorrow and dreading it....:-/

You'll be fine, stay strong xx


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Stick with it, I'm on day 8 and feel better today than I have done since I started. It does get easier, I'm reliably told by my CDC so hang in there.
If you're cooking for the rest of the family that's really tough but I am getting some warped pleasure out of cooking for them and being able to deny myself!!! Slightly masochistic I think?:confused:
Thanks, Ive started to cook dinner forth next day whilst they eat dinner thus keeping me busy. My hubby said he noticed how exhausted I am, I'm usually full of energy but could cuddle up with the kids and sleep...does this pass?


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Yes it does. I feel tired too but just be easy on yourself for a few days. After a couple of weeks I'm told you start to feel better.

I have a three year old and a thirteen year old so sitting still is not really an option and I work full time so I'm doing the bare minimum at the moment until I feel better.

We'll have loads of energy when we're a size 12!!!


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I'm a re:starter on day 2. I remember it does get easier but like you I am shattered at the moment with a massive headache. Take above advise, slow down a little for now and things just naturally pick up. Good luck.

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