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Day 5 and now suddenly craving ?


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prob is you still crave food that never really goes. But you shouldn't feel real hunger pains. I used to crave food on and off


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cravings never go , sometimes you do find yourself douting yourself when thinking and seeing the food , but i guess you have to find a way of dealing with it , or crumble . There were times i kept thinking of Macs burgers , really don't know why as in say 3 years i've been in there once . I think we crave fast food stuff seems like ?


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Ps , does anyone crave , WATER lol
well i bought enough stock for 4 a dayi had 4 on day1 then just 3 up till now day 5, just had a choc velvet brick was horrible but done the trick!! lol
I keep getting cravings too while SS-ing. Drinking lots more water does help me but it never completely stops my cravings. I'm just trying hard to ignore them ;) Cheese is my weakness! When I crave something really badly it's usually a lump of mature cheddar!


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Craving's well just depends what i see at the time , but i think its crusty bread , french stick , ho and Many more , but you know i will settle for a shake instead lol


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Chips, bread, pizza.

All naughty.

I honestly can't wait to be down the road and eating again. I think I'll appreciate food more than I ever have in my life.
I will eat brown rice/pasta and veg, salads, and little bread with such pleasure that I 'll never complain about "needing" junk food again.
Last night was really hard for me.
Coming home from work i was sitting in traffic outside a Pizza shop, and there were two guys munching on a pizza, i deliberately dont take money into work at the moment, so had no cash to buy anything, so the only way i would get something would be to rob the Pizza shop ! lol

Feeling a bit better than i was yesterday though. :)
If you're supposed to have 4 shakes a day, do have them, I am and the mistakes I've made previously is foolishly thinking I can get away with 3 a day and lose more weight but I found I was still hungy and craving a lot, I'm now doing it properly and feeling fine, I'm on day 9 now and absolutely fine although yes I do still have the cravings but can handle them cos I'm not hungry


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Tom , are you still feeling stick from the thought of the shakes , which shake was it that made you feel sick ? Yes I thinkwe do crave fast foods , wonder why we don't crave salad and low fat foods , it seems to be fast food when people crave . So that pizza was a test , to see how strong your willpowers are , not to rob them guys of the dinner lol
Mine is beans on toast with cheese on top, bread and butter and pizza....and im with kila i dont think ill ever appreicate food as much as my first mouthful and im only on day 6 haha x
to be honest i can not afford the £50 a week i will still buy the odd extra one if i got the spare cash to have if i crave.. 3 is fine for me, i am doing ok..
Well cost was another issue regarding the 3 meals instead of 4, but it seems ok now.
It was the Banana shake that made me feel sick.
Luckily i see the CDC tonight, and will be buying next weeks shakes, so i'll buy an extra one and keep the banana as emergency.

Dont feel sick at the thought of shakes today though. Yippee.
Strwaberry for lunch. :)


Strong women stay slim
Banana , shake i have not had , but really the thought of it eww . I have ordered some bars for wednesday . Really they say to wait two weeks before having them . Only got 4 coming and shakes , my best shake is cappuccino , then choc then strawberry butterscotch frost of the forset . But by putting water in the freezer for an hour even makes the shakes better .

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