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Day 5 - the weekend is ahead!!

hey guys,

hope you all had a good weekend and are raring to go with the diet??!! I completely am today, got my menus sorted out for the whole week. Got on the scales this morning and was as expected, but i will lose it x x today im on a green day and enjoying some nnoodles for lunch x. Im starting a diary again to do everyday as it really helped me last time x
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ive even changed my ticker x did not want to do that!! but hey x
Well day 2 - and i did what i said i wouldnt... i got on the scales, stupid moo, i knew they would be heavier than yesterday, shouldnt be but they are.... hhmmphh, im gonna get hubby to hide them tonight so i limit myself to once a week. i dont wana get obcessed again!!! had the most lush dinner last night!! I made SW chips and had a massive dollop of mayo with them... mmmmmm my favourite!!! along with a mushroom cheese and spring onion omlette. And best of all i came in under 10 syns so day 1 went well x. I also got off my bum and got on my wii fit. done 34 mins in total of free step, hard step, and hula hooping! and lots of house work!!! x having carbonara tonight yummmmmmmmy xxx
Hi tracie, you sound really motivated and well in the zone hun!, and you have made me remember how gorgeous SW chips and mayo are so guess what I'm having for tea tonight???
they are just something else arnt they!!!! haha x i want them again!! mmmmmmm chips!!
Hi Tracie. Well done on getting through day 1. That is generally the hardest for a re-starter...I know, Ive been there many times!!!
Having changed your ticker means that you have faced that hurdle and that you are making positive changes instead of ignoring the gain, so well done on that achievement!
You will loose all of that in no time at all anyway!

fingers crossed!! hehe x x
Keep going tracie I am one day behind you. You dinner sounded lush last night, whats for dinner tonight.
Day 3 - Still doing good, except for horrid water infection OMG!!!! the pain!!! hhhmmpphh never mind x had carbonara for dinner last night which was lovely, tonight im doin chicken tikka ee things with pitta and salad its yum, ill post the recipe x x doin good so far x didnt do ant exercise yeaterday though, may go 4 a job this evening.....??
Day 4 - Well made my chicken tikka thingy last night which was yum and had a mountain of salad,that was hard for me as i really strugglwe with lettuce but i must if i wana get healthy enough to have a baby!! so hubby said 2 me if u eat all your salad I wont have a beer tonight! soo i cleared my plate completely!! am trying to get him to lose weight on the plan too as hes got up to 18 stone!! eek. so this morning, had my weetabix as normal but oh i t gets to lunch time and ive forgotten my egg sandwiches!! arrr what am i gonna do i thought!! all these naughty thoughts cam in my head on what i could nip out and buy, but trusty work mate gave me 1 slice of brown bread with a bit of flora, so i made toast. not much to eat i know but its filled me up and have not messed up!! yay! am making homemade burgers tonight with another salad x
Day 5 - had burgers for dinner last night that went down well!! i really need a green day but round a friends for dinner tonight, and hes doing chicken wrapped in bacon with sw chips, bless him, hes catering for my diet!, so that makes it an EE easy day for me i think?? all ok so far : ) x
Well done Tracie...keep the positivity going to get you through the weekend!
i will try, the weekends are the hardest arnt they!!!
Well done Trace it will nearly be your first week over.

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