Day 6!!!!!


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Morning everyone!!

I really cannot believe I am on day 6 already!! :D

Nothing much planned for today as the snow still has not melted and we are forecast for more today :(

I am too scared to drive the car and its completely impossible to push a buggy in the snow so I cant even take the kids out for a walk!!

I sneeked a peek on the scales again this morn and its showing another pound off!! :eek:

I love this diet heehee!!

How is everyone else today xxx
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Morning truff, day 6 for me too. I can't believe I've made it to day 6! without cheating, up to now scales showing 4 lb loss would have liked more but not complaining. I'm scared to drive in the snow as well. Although the main roads are clear the side roads are really bad lots of compacted snow, and as I live on a hilly estate not good. Dreading tomorrow as I expect school will be open as GCSE exams this week, had a drive there yesterday with dh (he drove) and again the main roads are clear but the side roads are really bad cars doubled parked and blocked in with snow, no way am I even going to attempt them, can't park on main road as all double yellow lines, might have to walk the 5 miles there could try public transport, but there's no direct bus to the school where I work form where I live. More snow forcast for today and tomorrow as well!


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Ahhh Trisha, I work in a high school too but am currently on maternity leave!

Our school is deffo open for the exams!

I think I have only lost so much weight this week because I ate and binged sooooooo much in the past 3 weeks!


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Same here. We are doing so well! Pat on the back for all of us!! Are yo ubeing weighed tomorrow?


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Well done you three on day 6 :D thats ya first week done & dusted (well almost )

I been for a nice long walk with little doggie here the bigger one i cant handle hubby does him :D

Really cold out!!!! and the snow was crunchy lol



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No I am not being weighed until Tuesday.

I met my CDC last tuesday and actually started the diet Tuesday.

Do you think I should ask her if I can be weighed on Monday instead as that will be day 7 and tuesday will make it day 8???


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Oh it makes no odds really being honest

Sometimes i weigh in on day 5... then the next its been 9 since i seen her..i do it to fit in with work and when im near here house as im passing

All evens out in the end x


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Oh ok, I will wait till tuesday then! :D


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Sick of the snow ! Please go away !!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck for everyone's weigh in's !
Hubby and Girls just had pancakes for breakfast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am having my choccy shake :)


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Morning Truffle :) amazing ! ... who would have thought we would have made it thro the 1st week! ... quite smoothly! .. :) .. Im on day 7 and getting weighed tomorow lunch time!

Altho im panicking a bit cos if it carries on snowing i wont be able to get out and ill run out of shakes !!!!!!! that cannot happen! .. Im going to try some tetras next week

have you tried these yet ??
have a fabby day hun xx


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Morning everyone, I can't believe it's already day 6. I saw my CDC and was weighed on Monday although I did not start the diet until Tuesday I want to stick to a Monday weigh in. I cant wait to post my first WI results. Although I am slightly worried as Aunty Flo has come to visit and i am worried that may effect my weight loss for this week. Thank you to everyone on this site I dont think I would of made it without this site. xxx


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Day 6 going well here so far - really happy with it all so far and am looking forward to weigh in tomorrow evening .... all being well that I can get to my CDC's house as we're forecast more snow!

Trisha the lcc website is already showing quite a few school closures in Lancashire, especially in West Lancs as it's still horrendous here.


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Well done all you day 6er's! Im 3 days behind you and all your posts are doing me the world of good! Ive got to go see my CDC tomorrow, so it will only be 3 days....i'm considering asking her not to tell me the loss till the following monday, but let her tell me whether I have lost anything. I will see how I feel tomorrow...I may not be able to resist lol xxx

** Just Jools **

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So many day 6ers. Well done all of you.

I'm on day 9 & can honestly say I never thought I'd get this far.

We're all doing brilliantly. x


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Thanks for all the replies!

I have kind of struggled that last few hours for some odd reason :(

I feel ok now - maybe its becasue I have just cooked a roast dinner for the family and its pissed me off that I cant eat it :(

I just glugged and glugged shed loads of water and i feel full now!

Charley - I am sick of the snow too!!!

Pixie - I have tried the tetras, the choc one is gorgeous and someone said earlier to half those and then add hot water which i did earlier and it was gorgeoussssssss all that was missing was the whipped crem off the top lol ;)

Please let me know how you get on tomorrow, I shall be waiting!!!

Louisa, I am sure you will still lose even with AF!! Let me knbow how you do!

Its so exciting all these first weigh ins i cant wait for mines!! :D

Katie good luck for your WI hun I hope you make it with the snow!!

Phoenix I definatley would not be able to resist asking for a sneak peek!!

Jools wow day 9!!! Well done hunni, you are doing fab :D xxxx


Lovin it !!! :)
Just wishing you all good luck for those 1st week weigh ins - I'm on day 14 today but have found this 2nd week VERY hard due to all the cold weather


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Hi Ladies,

It sounds like we're all doing well. I'll weigh Tuesday a.m. -- but I was so excited when I weighed mid-week I've already posted my 5 pounds off. I know it is not as much as some, but it is a good loss for me. So, I'm less now than I was before the holidays and everything I lose now will be what I regained during the past year from the first time I did a VLCD in 2008. Yeah! Progress.