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Day 7 and still going


Are We There Yet?
lol @ Cheating on your shakes!

Well done on your loss x


Are We There Yet?
I agree! This site keeps me busy. I work from home you see. So, I can pop on here and it keeps my mind on the task at hand. I emailed Exante yesterday and they were so nice. The lady Jackie who emailed me back was lovely. That made me love this system even more!lol

what does your username mean? I keep trying to break it down lol
felt a slight pang of guilt for cheating on my shakes.

:8855:hehe...cheating on your shakes, how could you! :p

Wow that is an amazing weight loss, well done you! Just look at how much your BMI has come down! :D
that is an amazin loss wel dun u :D...
keep it up n 4 inches too wow...:)
Thanks everyone, this does mean a lot to me. Like I said at the start I much prefer this to sitting in a counselling sessions with a counsellor I would not have trusted anyway. Hugely motivational you all are.


Are We There Yet?
aahhh! Thank you for explaining :)

You men lose weight so fast! Gonna have to run all day to beat you lol
thats true u know sophie lol iv noticed that toooo men in general can lose weight a lot faster then women lol... :S :( lol
aww hun ima still waitin for ma pack to arrive ordered it yday bt after 1pm so nt reli sure wen ima b gettin it lol..buh yh hpefully by fri ima b strtin this journey with you lot as well :)...i am aiming to get down to 8 and a half stone and want to lose quite a few inches tooo on ma waist more then anywher else lol
That looks better Sweet Girl, jeez 8 and half stone, tiny. Well good luck. I am sure your pack will be with tomorrow early. I am on day 7 now and have not struggled at all with hunger, one of the lucky ones I suppose, but then I believe it is the mind set. Just one more thing, I am still from the old school and have to re learn english reading your posts.
alright,..i am truly sorry for not being able to type properly i am truly trying honestly...yes so currently i am at 10 stone something...last time i weighed myself was at 10.7 its in my sig...can't remember exactly lol...but yes i have about a stone and a bit to lose so i am hoping wil be able to achieve that by the time august comes up....:( fingers crossed...
No problem, I just said I had to re learn the english language for your posts, you must type how you want to , it's me that must get up to speed. As for your weight loss, you will do it easily, just remember to look on this site for inspiration.

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