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Day Five... an update

Well, I know how much you all love my threads moaning and whining (ssshhhyeeah right!), so I thought I'd give you an update on my progress so far.

My first four days on the diet, in case you haven't noticed from all my whinging, have been bloody awful. My respect for you guys has gone up ten fold. Not that it was low before or anything. You know what I mean :)

So I struggled to sleep in the night, dreamt about food again (cheese and onion pies mmm) and was up and down to the loo with all the water.

Then, I woke up this morning absolutely starving, as usual.

But then the weirdest thing happened! I had my chocolate shake with a spoon of FibreClear and coffee and drank it down. And I felt full at the end! Full!


F U L L ! ! ! ! !

For the first time in five days!

I haven't got ketone strips but I'm assuming this means I am in ketosis! I still feel a bit weird and weak - but I don't care - I was full!

I felt like ringing people and telling them how full I was. But I thought that might be a bit strange.... A random phone call from me saying 'Guess what - I'm full! WOOHOO!'

So I'm telling you lot instead. I'm sure you'll appreciate it :)

I've had another shake too and I felt okay after that too. And my headaches have pretty much gone - no paracetamol so far today.

One thing I have learnt is that there is absolutely no going back. Last night I was seriously soooo close to stopping. Someone started a thread saying the diet wasn't for them and it was lovely and they said thank you and good luck to everyone and I thought, hmm, I could do that too.

And if I did I could get a pizza!

But no way now. You lot are stuck with me! I'm not going through all that ***** of the first few days again - I've got my ketones and I'm keeping them till I'm at target!

It's vanilla and chocolate all the way for me now!



I promise to stop moaning now. Um, well. Maybe. :)
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I cannot express how much this post has just made me smile! I am soooooooo happy for you that you didn't give in and made it through 'til today and look at the difference!!! We all knew you could do it and now you know too!! Congratulations on making it through the worst, you've got your ketones now protect them with your life!! ;)

Well done again, I'm so super proud!! :D xxx
LMAO!!!! Brilliant post David - glad your finally got your ketones! xx
Well done u, i wish i had your will power last night when myself and OH, dedcided to call it a day, u will proabably have to listen to me moan now for a week while i fight to get back in to ketoisis, and like you when i get them back i am holding on to them till i am at target.
Thanks everyone! Woohoo!

My next challenge is to nip to the shop and not buy *anything* apart from water. Well, and maybe some toothpaste or something :)

Ruthie - stick with it chuck. Don't like a bite pass your lips! Sounds like you have the same thing going on as me - we can feel jealous together of all the posts saying 'first few days were really easy' etc. Grr!

Honestly. If you stick it with - you'll feel okay. And whine away. I promise to spread back some of the love that I received when I was moaning. Heh!
thats great David glad your feeling so good, wait til weigh in day when you see how much youve lost you will feel great! x

Go ketosis, go ketosis.

Now you have a really big reason not to break the diet- don't eat ANYTHING, else you will have to go through that again.
Get on the chicken David, so you can have something "cooked" to go with the vanilla and chocolate!!
Chicken poop?! Bleeuuurrgghhh!! lol ;)
Urgh I can't stand the chicken soup. I'm thinking maybe (hoping!) that my taste buds will have altered slightly and I'm going to try it again later on today. But if it's crap again - I'm sticking to shakes!

I'm gonna get some chilli powder from the shops and maybe try it with a bit of that...
thought you sounded soooooo close to giving in a couple of times....
I was! Last night I was sat with the Dominos pizza delivery menu in one hand and the phone in the other. I just held it there for 10 minutes! I thought I was going mad... think the lack of carbs/calories went to my head!

Sooo glad I didn't give up - I know it's not going to be *easy* from now on but I also know that it can't get harder than the last few days.

Thanks for all your lovely comments :)
Ruthie - stick with it chuck. Don't like a bite pass your lips! Sounds like you have the same thing going on as me - we can feel jealous together of all the posts saying 'first few days were really easy' etc. Grr!

Quite sure I was one of those annoying people :eek: but please, take pleasure in my real struggle on my Day5. I am thinking about the pizza menu as reading your post....
It's ok, was watching a film where they were eating big triangles of American pizza and that's got me going I think!!
But we can do it.

Mmmm, chocolate shake....
Yayyyyyyyyyy at feeling full ! see you knew you could get there and go through all the poo for the best feeling .. the one of success !

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