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day off

Mrs V

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Hi there!
The idea is that you should stick to plan 100%. I know many of the people on here have a "treat" meal after weigh in, some have flexible syns at the weekend.
If I were you, I would start doing it 100%, as when you stand on the scales, there will always be that element of thought "how much would I have lost if I had stuck to the plan".
Im a goody two shoes really...I would be too afraid to have a treat meal, as I gain weight too quickly.
Its your decision at the end of the day Hun.



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you should really be sticknig to the plan 100% to get results, its already unbelievably flexible and if you start having a day off 3 days into it your giong to want to have more and more 'days off' as time goes on. slimming world isnt a 'diet' its making the most of your food and making sensible choices, if you fancy choc, have it! just count it in your syns. everything in moderation


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im sooo p****d off with myself. ive just had the very last wedge of xmas cake. its only my third day and ive got no bloody will power.feel like s**t now x


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Don't let it get you down too much love, just start fresh tomorrow and next time you feel like a 'day off', remember how you feel right now! The high you get from sticking with it through days like that is so much better than any naughty food!

You've got rid of the last bit of Christmas cake, so you're safe to carry on now! :D


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Hey, one slice of cake won't spoil all your hard work. it's done, it's eaten, it's forgotten about - move on and have 4 good days!!! The rest of the week hasn't begun yet.
Please don't beat yourself up about it :)


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Another thing worth remembering at the start - if you can get through the first couple of weeks, you'll find that it stops feeling like a 'diet' and more like you're actually changing your eating habits permanently. That's what I've found, anyway. I knew when I sailed through Christmas week with absolutely no desire to pig out old-skool style that something had really changed in my head.

Thing is, it's not 'dieting' that changes your weight, love. It's accepting that you can no longer eat in the way that got you overweight in the first place. There's no other way round it.


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One piece of cake is not a big deal! Just try and syn it, count it in your syns allowance and move on. That's what is so great about SW - you can eat ANYTHING but you just have to count the syns and adjust your intake accordingly if you splurge. I honestly think that's the only way I've been able to stick with it for 13 months and not get bored. I don't live by a straight jacket, I eat what I like and more importantly what I ENJOY but if I slip up slightly, I get straight back on it. Don't let a momentary lapse become a relapse or collapse! And don't beat yourself up - cake is fine as long as it's in moderation and you count it. Nothing to feel guilty about!


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i have tuesday off i still lose the weeks i'm good the rest of the week.
but it doesn't make me feel great so i'm starting to cut it down.
i think it depends if u can get back on it afterwards.
i know i could lose more if i didn't but i'm happy with steady.


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i have weekends a bit loose and with EE it will be better for me ...no one is perfect but we are all trying so hard to do this ..its got to be in your head and the right frame of mind ..the rest is easy ..well a bit lol


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I have found when I did SW before (twice over a number of years) that after I'd been doing it for quite a while I seemed to reach a plateau, so each week I had 1 day where I would eat whatever I liked and nothing like what I was eating during the rest of the week, then went straight back on the plan the next day. This worked great for me I started losing on average 2 lb a week again. It was as if my body had got used to the plan and bringing something else in and taking it away again seemed to jolt it into action again. I guess everybody is different though this just suited me.


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I eat what I like after WI. But I always find that my eyes are bigger than my belly and I never eat everything I have bought. This week I had a dble whopper meal and a mcflurry. Was lovely. Then I was back on plan for the rest of the week. I think if I didnt have my "treat" meal, I would start to feel a bit resentful. I have done this from the start and I have only gained when I have had a few treat days rather than night.