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day one and i failed

well got through yest ok and then at 9pm was so dam hungry got kebab and chips then felt sick allnight

going to c counsellor and get weighed tom so once i find out exactly how much i put on may spur me into action again

so day 2 here i go again...

how r u alldoing

i feel awful :cry:
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Hi Honey

You have'nt failed, you've just fallen of the horse so get back on it.

Believe me no-one has fallen off that damn horse more than me. The first 3 days are unbelievable hard on this diet and then all of a sudden the wonderful ketosis with kick in and help with the hunger pangs. Just take one day at a time and wipe the word failed from your vocabulary!!

Good luck
ok thanks popp glad to hear i not only one, ok feeling more positive today and determined to get through tonight no matter what

thank u and good luck to u 2
ya i know i feel annoyed withmyself but not going to let it turn into a binge, last 7 weeks been nothing but binge binge

ok will do it thanks guys
It was only one kebab and a few chips. If you went for a long walk you could probably cancel that out. You will have put ketosis off though and that's everyones best friend. I too fall off the horse quite often, but day by day is the key.
You can do it.
thanks percy yes day by day, i done it before and knows its works its just getting over firs few days so hunger pangs go away well lets hope by weekend i be in ketosis
skinnylala, to be a failure is when you've given up. You haven't given up, so you're not a failure! get back on that horse and take it minute by minute if you have to. You CAN do this!
thank you i feel so determined during day and at night i fall to pieces, but no have not given up, i will do it this time
Ah Skinnylala. Don't beat yourself up. What's done is done. Have a better day today :)
I had early nights for the first couple of days and once ketosis kicked in I just kept overriding that voice in my head that was telling me to eat.
If you have to have something, just have the chicken :)
Hi I started CD last thursday managed till saturday dinner time then thought sod this and ate and ate (crisps, choc& biscuits) decided tuesday morn that I was going to go back to all my old eating patterns if I didn't do something- looked on this forum looked at b4 and after pics and I'm back on day2. i'm sure lots of people do it but hey we're still here :D good luck
i know i booked weigh in for tom to see exactly what i weigh now so thats keeping me going i hope, my flat a tip so tidy tidy tonight and early night was in bed at 8 30 last night feeling so sick affter eating, but eh onwards and upwards
Hi Skinnylala this is my 3rd time of trying CD and it is a very hard diet to follow, I am so determined this time though so maybe you need to go through the starting then eating before it works. lol
I really struggle in the evenings so now I have coffee and water in the morning, a TETRA at lunch, a cup of BULLION at 4ish. SOUP at 6ish, then I have PORRIDGE at 8ish, and as much water as possible! Works for me but might be worth giving it a go if you can manage in the mornings (I never eat breakfast anyway).

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