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Day one begins on Tuesday...I'm excited

I've never done Cambridge before...and I'm really quite excited.

The day has come to say enough is enough and it's time to start taking responsibility for the years and years of over eating.

I'm 26....and by my 27th birthday i will no longer be fat...in fact I shall be fabulously curvy...NOT stick thin....everyone needs A LITTLE junk in the trunk!!!

Anybody else starting CD in this week...GOOD LUCK (not that we'll need it).


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Also.....any form of support would not go a miss! I'm starting to get a bit nervous now....really just thinking of what could be and getting really excited but also hoping that this won't be just another failed attempt.

It feels sort of different this time...like I really NEED as well as want to do it!!!.

Hey I am hoping to start tomorrow aswell I can relate to all of about also very similar weights etc! :) Im just waiting on my shakes to arrive as my CDC is on holidays but she is kindly getting them posted out to me asap! So good luck stay positive and you can do it!
Hey everyone! This is my 7th day now got my weigh in tonight! :)!! Just wanted to say good luck.
This is the only diet I've ever stuck to I'm shocked myself!! Usually I pick bits and pretend that its okay but this is great because its so strict as long as u remember why your doing it you will get through the first few days!! A lot of people had a rough few days but mine was actually okay! On the 2nd night I couldn't sleep but other than that I was absoloutly fine!! ..
GOOD LUCK :) xxx
Thanks guys....well done.....i bet the first week is the hardest and YOU'VE DONE IT!!! Fabby!

Stay strong and think positive egh! :D :D :D

Just been to my CDC.....I am getting really quite nervous. I look at the packets and think "What the hell am I doing....how is this healthy?". But then I took a good look in the mirror when I got home and thought what I look like atm isn't healthy....a lesser of two evils....I just bloody hope this is the one now. The one that works...NOT WILLING TO BE LIKE THIS ANYMORE....ad so it begins! x
Day one done....and to be fair it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. No headaches as of yet....and not mega hungry, just a little rumble!

Porridge for breakfast was a particular low point...won't be buying them again! Soup was okay and choco shake was awesome. Strawberry tetra was so so.....all in all....not a bad day!!

Mid way through day two and touch wood....it's not been as hard as I thought it would be....although I had the Apple porridge and i literally had to take a spoon and wash it down with a slug of water.....I think CD needs to up its game in that department!! Just had a tomato sou and that was lush.

Feeling a little bit hungry, but as off yet, and again touch wood, no headaches.....downing the water like crazy though! When not dieting I drink 4 litres of water a day anyway so not finding that at all hard.

Lets see what tonight brings....

H xxx
Day three - have woken up and I am a strange mix of starving and churny......did ketosis test and it went a peachy colour....I'm guessing this means i'm not in yet.....bugger!!!

H xxx
Okay, for the first time I am REALLY hungry....and every other advert seems to be for bloody food!!! x
Hi There
I started on Tuesday as well. I find lunch time and the afternoons the hardest. Havent tried the porridge yet. Saving that for the weekend. Definitely like the soups and will get more next time. Im drinking loads of water to not feel hungry.
Hey......I mean this in the nicest way, but if your saving the porridge for a weekend treat you'll be highly disappointed!!!

Yeh, I like the soups....must say the tetras and the berry packet are by far my faves so far....

Are you in ketosis yet?.....not hungry? Im really hungry for the 1st time....just doing some cleaning to pass the time to tea!!! x
I eat my breakfast meal at work so easier to do the shakes. Thats why I have kept porridge for the weekend. Some people like the porridge. Will just have to try them and see. I didnt get any tetra packs but will do next time. Bought the berry packet and the orange one but havent used them yet. Trying to see if I can cope without relying on them.

Dont know if I am in Ketosis.

I struggle at lunch time and the afternoon. Morning and evening have been ok. However I am eating my evening meal early. Just finished some veggie soup. And then keep 750ml of sparkling water for the rest of the evening.

Ive never done anything like this before. SO hoping I can stick to eat. The hardest part is wanting to eat food.
I know....i think it's just about powering through the first couple of weeks and distracting yourself when you are hungry....I've fund it's the other way round for me... I really struggle after 7pm but am okay up to then.

Do you mean the water flavourings? I haven't got them either....it's the shake summer fruit berry packs that i like...yum!

Did your CDC not give you the ketosis wee stick thingies?

I haven't ever done anything this extream..in fact I havent really done a diet as such....Last year I lost 3 stone by going to the gym and eating healthily, but totally got fed up afte a year of nobody noticing...I thought, what's the point.

I must say, having the fourth pack is probably really helping me....for once thank god for being nearly 6ft tall!!!

HI Well done - you have started really well!

I think the porridge is revolting too - the taste is ok but the texture! :( If you make it carefully, and there is good advice on here for how to get it slightly runny without lumps, its tolerable but . . . I have not had one for weeks.

I have 4 meals a day, as I couldnt get through 4pm without something. So usually a shake, 2 soups and a bar. I take a small cappuccino milk frother to work - battery powered - and it mixes the soups really well. :)

Good luck
Thats egbert.......I feel better today actually....and I'm in ketosis......look at you flying too....over a stone off!! well done xxx
So day four......and do you know what....it was lots better than yesterday....

Yesterday I was so bloody hungry....today not say bad! My mum and Dad just got a take away.....so I went out to Argos to buy a blender, get some ice from Sainsbury's and change the porridges with my CDC!!

I am actually really proud of myself....even if tomorrow I was to never do another shake in my life I have gone 4 days without solid food....a very very first even skipping a meal!

And I had a sneaky peak on the scales...i know i know I shouldn't have...BUT i needed some motivation when my mums take away came....and from what i can see I'm about 6 lbs down!!! Woohooo

Upwards and onwards to day 5!!!

H xxx
Oh and pink....official weigh in Monday night...eek!! x

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