Day one of a new life... 18 with 8 stone to lose.

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  1. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    So, I'm 18, I'm a student, and I'm drastically overweight. The thing that may set me aside from other people my size is that I have never let it effect me, or anything that I want to do. I go out partying with my friends, and I really have had this 'let people think what they want' attitude. My problem is that, although this is quite a nice attitude to have, it's actually really hindering my ability to lose weight - and keep it off. It's harming my health, and I need to stop being so ignorrant and realise that I actually do need to beat the bulge.

    So, here it is, day one. (AGAIN). Only this time, it's going to be my very last day one. I have 8 stone, 9lb to lose in total. This time though, I'm going to look at it in weekly steps.

    Previously, I've dieted on 1500 calories, but in reality, with the amount I have to lose, my height and the fact that I aim to exercise 3 times a week, I could have 2000 calories a day and still lose my target of 2lb a week.

    If anyone has any tips or anything to contribute, please do!

    So far, I've had an oats so simple with semi-skimmed milk today, and half a banana (not a big fan!). I'm going to go to Tesco in the village in a mo and grab some bottled water and some emergency supplies (low cal items for when I'm desperate).

    Oh, I also forgot to mention that I go back to university next week, where I'm fully catered. I have no excuse really, as long as I can beat the temptation I have 3 healthy meal options a day!

    Good luck to anyone reading!

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  3. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Okay, quick update. I've decided to have 1690 calories a day. This allows me to go slightly over, 110 a day, or 770 extra a week.

    So far today, I've had the porridge for breakfast, a large salad for lunch, and a mini muller corner. Tonight I've got an M&S meal for one with a jacket potato.

    I've also just popped to Sainsburys and bought lots of fresh veg to make into a soup. It won't be flavoursome, but it will be fine for an emergency snack. It wll keep for a couple of days on the stove, and knowing what I'm like, I'll use it for a snack because usually it doesn't matter what I eat.

    2 x large bags of Carrot & Swede: 216
    Parsnips x 3: 342
    White Onions x 2: 90
    Leeks x 3: 162
    Norr Vegetable Stock Cubes x 3: 92
    Tin of Weight Watchers Chicken soup (for stock, haven't add it yet, but it wll be a backup): 92

    Total: 994

    It should make about 8 bowls though, so around 124.25
  4. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Hiya hun,

    Thought I'd pop over to your diary, do you know another way of staying more motivated? Make your goal smaller. I'm only aiming to lose a stone right now... thats a small achievable goal or me, 6 stone seems like an entirety.

    Heres something I wrote and printed out.

    Why am I trying to lose weight?
    I want to lose weight so that I have a curvy body I feel comfortable in, I feel healthier, won't have a higher chance of getting cancer and there's a high chance my anxiety will disappear if I were thinner as it's linked to obesity.

    How do you feel at the moment? (16st 2.5lb)
    Heavy, shaped like a block square with no shape, embarrassed by being so big, tired, achey, knee ache, back ache, bad spots occasionally, anxiety, depression and lack of self control. I find it hard getting out of the car on flat ground, just walking Alfie makes me feel tired and my bras hurt me so much, my breasts are constantly sore. My stomach feels hard and bloated almost every time I eat anything and at 25 this year, I've had enough time to use the excuse (I've got loads of time). The older I am the harder it will be and less of my life I'll get to live because of the restrictions of my size causes me.

    How I felt when I was a stone lighter?
    Light, engergised, no depression or anxiety, thinner inner thights, smaller top stomach, no IBS, easer in doing things, no knee pain, able to get a job finally and enjoyed working.

    Now from reading your first post I noticed because you've done what people see as the healthy thing (accepting yourself) you're going to struggle. I'm the same, 15st 7lb I'm completely comfortable with myself but I know it isn't healthy for my body still no matter what my mind makes me feel.

    how do you feel about filling in something like I did above but tweeking it to how you are atm? Really look at it, every little bit. xx
  5. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Hiya Pandanate, thanks so much for your reply, and well done with your loss so far!! :)
    The idea of looking it at a stone at a time is a real good one, and maybe more manageable for me to process in my mind, I'll definitely try it!

    As for the print out, it's a really good idea, I think personally I might have to look at the reasons why I want to be slim, rather than the reasons why I don't want to be fat, but I'm definitely going to try it, and put it somewhere where I'll see it as motivation.

    Thanks again for your post x
  6. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Day 2:

    Today I've done really well, but now I'm sat in my room trying to stop myself from eating. I've had all my calories, about 1700 including 6 apples (OOPS!).
    I had a nice chicken sandwich and vegetable soup for lunch, and a massive chicken stir fry with noodles for dinner (700 calories for a large plate).

    I've been drinking water, about to start my third 500ml bottle. I'm just hoping and praying I can do this, one week at a time, one pound at a time.
  7. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Hello :)

    If you find yourself wanting to eat/binge (as I still do sometimes!!) then try to distract yourself. Keep drinking your water and do anything you can to keep your hands/mind/body busy and stop you from reaching for the junk. I paint my nails, read a book, go out a walk, write in my diary... depends what your hobbies are etc but something that can focus you and keep your attention until the urge passes.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey!
  8. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    This is completely right :)
    If I get myself into a game of COD or something (Xbox360) I can be there for hours and not think about food BUT if i watch a Movie, I tend to want to reach for the food, being out for a walk will mean unless you're going near shops you've got no option to eat, when i wake in a morning and start cleaning, I don't tend to eat until 2pm and then I have to concisouly push myself to go cook something. This I don't recommend but helps if you're having a day where you want to eat loads and have a messy room ;)
  9. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    & yey for day 2.
    I'm only on day 7 you know :) I think at least, MFP says 10, but I started last Wednesday properly... i didn't hit my calories for 2 days after I started (10-40cals over) so don't frett about struggling TOO much at the beginning, get the feel of it and you've most likely already eating less then you usually would anyhow :) We're learning as we go along, to lose more than my ticker saays I need to start getting under the cals which since Saturday I've been doing, then I had a bad day yesterday with stress and gave myself the day to relax, I went over by 1000cals. Mainly due to a subway my boyfriend brought home but it's done and I'm not beating myself up about it <3
  10. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Day 3:

    B: Porridge & Semi-skilled milk (215 calories), Mini Muller corner (88 calories), Apple (45 calories)
    - 500ml of water
    L: Tin of M&S red salmon skinless and boneless (245), 2 slices of Kingsmill white crustless bread (100), Lighter than light mayonaise 3 tblspns (42) - 2 x 500ml of water
    D: I went out for dinner with, but before I did I had a bowl of homemade vegetable soup (60) just because I was starving and I knew that if I didn't, I would give in to temptation! At the restaurant I ordered Chicken Paté and toast, and I just had 2 triangles out of 4 (50cals), and a tiny bit of paté and chilli jam (64) ,and I ordered Chicken Pesto pasta for dinner, and didn't eat it all (rarity for me, I usually finish everything), but I just ate what I needed which meant it equated to (656) calories.

    Snacks: Tempting trifle easter egg (literally a 1cm^2) (27 cals), Apple (71 cals)
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  11. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    11am: Day 4 today, I've woke up feeling really positive which is good. This is the most determined Ive been about doing a diet for the last 4 years, and before that I got down to a size 14-16 which I was happy with. This time I want to get to goal :)

    Today I plan on getting my hair cut and dyed, eyebrows threaded, and I'm gunna go to the Mac shop and get my skintone tested again. So that should help me feel a bit better too!

    Good luck today everyone!! Have a great day :D

    Update (7pm, blimey, is that the time?!!) ,
    Had a really "easy" day today, in a way that I've been so busy! I had a nice bowl of oat so simple before leaving (215) calories followed by a mini muller light (88). That kept me full for aggggeeeees, until about half 3, where I made sandwiches with 3 slices of bread (150) and ham, lettuce and cucumber, and lighter than light mayo (100).

    I haven't eaten since, but it's approaching dinnertime and I have over 1000 cals, so I'm feeling a treat of some kind! Must also drink water this evening!!

    On another note, I got my hair cut and coloured, got my eyebrows done, and went to the mac shop and got my foundation re-matched, a new lippy, mascara, eye-liner, nail colour, and blusher (so naughty)... But I feel good, so :D

    Hope everyone else is having a good day!!

    Update 9pm (nearly)
    For dinner I had 2 chicken breasts with a tomato based sauce - 400 cals
    Rice - 239
    Veg - 40
    Pitta pocket - 101

    Then I picked at some noodles that I was cooking for my niece, had a spoonful - 66
    Mini twister - 45

    I have 161 left, and I plan on having these ASAP probably a plain yoghurt or something as I want to stop eating past 9pm!

    ANYWAY, day 4 = complete, 100% so far! Come on! WOO
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  12. tenaciousnat

    tenaciousnat Full Member

    Nice to hear you sounding so positive!!!! You've got the best day planend - i so need my eyebrows threading!!!

    Keep busy, keep drinking water and you'll be ok :) xxx
  13. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Hiya tenaciousnat! I've had a great day, thanks a lot for your post :) Hope you're having a good day too! Let me know xx
  14. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    You had a wonderful day by the looks of it. What colour did you get your hair done and whats threading like? I do my own eyebrows and hair lol.
  15. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Hiya PandaNate, thanks for dropping by :) I've gone for dark brown, it suits me best, and I've had all different colours over the years! Threading is great, I only ever get my eyebrows, but I've been getting them done since I was about 15, so nearly 4 years! It hurts a little bit, but if you find someone good to do it then the shape is just amazing, I can never shape them this good myself! I'd definitely recommend it to you, atleast to try, you can always go back to plucking them if you wish after :)

    How has your day been? I had a look for your diary yesterday but I couldn't see it, do you have a link to the thread?
  16. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    I wouldn't know who to go to then, we have some ladies in the middle of our market who do it, but I might just go the actual salon, I really want to go for individual eyelashes at some point.

    My days been okay, it started by having to go doctors and vets but we had a meal at Beefeaters as it's our 3 year anniversary, I'm still full and way over calories but it's just a day ^_^, I'm feeding Red Pandas tomorrow though which I'm excited about as they're my favourite animal. I have red hair, I'm thinking of dying it brown soon as I am getting bored of keeping it red and I wanted it brighter but without a salon, won't be able too.
  17. Camplestar

    Camplestar Silver Member

    Hey. Sounds like your doing well. You will get there. I feel so much better in myself. I too have thought about having my eyebrows threaded but I'm not good with pain.

  18. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Hiya, thanks for dropping by :) Well done on your weight loss! You're doing amazing :O
    And as far as the pain, it's over so quick and is really worth it :D
  19. Camplestar

    Camplestar Silver Member

    Thank you. I may treat myself to it on the next pay day x

  20. Sophie1805

    Sophie1805 Full Member

    Day 5:
    So, today I can already tell I'm going to struggle! I'm at home all day doing university work, which usually means using food as a break at regular intervals... not today though! My biggest worry is going back to university on Sunday... I just really don't want to cave in, my friends will be having takeaways and desserts at dinner etc. I vow to try my best, but it will take some will power!!

    B: Porridge (215), Mini Muller Corner (88)
    L: Went out to the pub with my sister for lunch, I had a diet coke, and ordered a chicken breast burger, with no mayo, no chips (I KNOW :'() and then asked for extra salad, mmmhm, I had the chicken breast, the base of the bun and the salad, so pretty good really... Total of 593.
    D: I came in starving last night, at about 8:30 and breaded chicken breasts had been cooked... (one of my favourite things), I had a massive plate of salad (lettuce, peppers, cucumber, carrot - 50 cals), and 2 and a half chicken breasts (750) and I still didn't go over! Then I had a mini ice lolly (45).
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  21. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Never thought of taking the bread off before, learn something everyday! I'm back on diet tomorrow, over 81cals today. But its been a special two days :)

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