Day one tomorrow

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by kakazz, 2 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. kakazz

    kakazz Member

    Hope i manage to get it right :)
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  3. VickyPie

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    Good luck, I am on week 5 and finding it easy. Weekend are difficult but that's the same with any diet for me.
  4. kakazz

    kakazz Member

    dont suppose you fancy giving me a days example menu do you :)
  5. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

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    Slim Fast/Tesco Untra Lite
    That would be an interesting share, I seem to rotate the same meals, and that leads to boredom = cheating!

    I will start:-

    Don't actually eat breakfast as such, but have a Slim Fast shake and a piece of fruit between 10-11.
    Lunch is usually more fruit, a weightwatchers yoghurt or fromage frais, and a bag of Boots or Tesco low cal crisps/onion rings/pretzels.
    Dinner = large salad, jacket potato, and either salmon or chicken. Or, healthy spag bol, pasta concoction I make up as I go along, butterflied chicken breast, jacket potato and veg, Spanish omelette, grilled meat with either salad or veg.

    You will notice that I have only one SlimFast a day, as I found I was getting unbelievably constipated on two, and I think I'm a bit better with only one? But only been doing this for a couple of days, so time will tell.....

    I also drink around 1 to 2 litres of water a day, a couple of cups of tea, and a couple of cups of green tea.

    My evening treat is usually a coffee and a couple of weight watchers biscuits, a WW caramel wafer, or a SF choccy bar.

    Be interesting to compare a days food diary from others. x
  6. pinkdiesel

    pinkdiesel Member

    I started 2 weeks ago it gets easier I found if I eat as late as possible then I don't wake up at 3am hungry
  7. pinkdiesel

    pinkdiesel Member

    I have a shake about 6am then a 100 kcal snack about 10am another shake about 1.00 another snack about 4.30 then a dinner at 7.30/8pm then my last snack if I want it
  8. karenbridget

    karenbridget Member

    Pinkdiesel How much weight have you lost ???
  9. Ellejay156

    Ellejay156 Full Member

    Hi. I've decided to start tomorrow to xx

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