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Day One

Hi All

Just wanted to say hello to everyone, today is the start of a new me, it's day one on the Cambridge diet and so far so good, I feel bloated with all the water I've been drinking but that's cos I'm not used to drinking so much.....water that is!!
My goal at the moment is just to get through day one!! But as I'm getting married in September that's my motivation. I'm hoping the fact that my fiance is doing this with me will help make it a little bit easier.

Any useful hints/tips will be greatly appreciated.

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hi Mindy

im on day 1 too. just given my daughter her lunch and managed not to pinch any of it.

so far had a vanilla and a toffee & walnut flavour shakes, i thought these would be the ones i liked the least so would use them up first - but they are both really nice!!!
Hi Amy

Lovely to speak to someone else who's getting through Day one, well done on not pinching any of your daughters lunch. Thankfully I'm at work just now so the food temptation is not there, I think my most difficult time will be tonight as that's my normal "snacking" time.....I've a feeling I'll be having a lot of early nights to reduce temptation :D



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Hi. I'm on day 1 too! Are you doing the ss where you have 3 packs a day and thats it?

I'm finding today OK as its been quite busy at work (just having my break now) and I actually really liked the 2 packs I've had so far. I had the cappucino shake for breakfast (I stuck a spoonful of coffee in it and had it hot!) and i've just had the vegetable soup which was surprisingly nice and filling!!

I think I'll be struggling tonight too as I used to do Lighterlife where you have 4 packs a day and so I'd be able to have 2 packs in the evening which seemed to ward off any cravings... knowing I've only got one pack left for the WHOLE day is making me feel a bit nervous! That and the fact I have to cook hubby's dinner when I get home too! Think I'll be retiring to bed at about 8pm with my book!

Good luck to all of us - can't wait to see what the results are next week!
I did LL too and got used to 4 packs, but when I switched to CD I learnt to split my soup pack at lunchtime and have a cup of tea and then in the evening I would have the other half of my soup and a shake as dessert :) I'm doing it this way now too and it makes it just that bit easier in the evening.


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Hi Mindy
Keep drinking the water as much as you are allowed on this diet !
Helps in many ways , just watch out in the next day or two for the headache and get some rest ok , it will pass !
You and your BF is also doing this diet too ?
Thats good , why don't you both join a different team each and give eachother a challenge lol


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Hi ladies,
I am half way through wk 2 and it does get much easier just get the first couple of days out the way.
Good luck! x

Purple Hugs

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Hi mindy and welcome! :D how amazing your fiance is doing this with you too :) Great support and motivation for your wedding I'm sure :)

Look forward to congratulating you on your first weeks losses! :) You'll be kissing goodbye to the 200lb barrier soon fo sure :)
I dont have work as a distraction, im just home all day with the baby. but i have cleared the cupboards out so there's nothing to tempt me!:)

i am starting to feel a little hungry now though. gonna try and save my last shake as long as i can then im going to have an early night too!!!


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hi and welcome,
it's fantastic that you are doing it with your partner... fantastic.
i feel when i have a shake hot it keeps me fuller for longer and i feel more satisfied,
i guess that comfort feeling.
what i do is have a nice hot bath (but i don't have kids so i can have one any time i want if i'm not in work.)
and then a nice hot shake, mmmmmmmm fantastic.

good luck with the weight loss and drink lots of water if you can but space it out. don't want water over load.
Thanks for all the replies everyone.......it's great to know that other people are there for you.
Well I've just had my dinner, broccoli and cheese soup, was quite nice, had a mint choc shake for lunch and a toffee & walnut shake for breakfast, wasn't all that keen on that so prob won't get it again.
It's not been as bad as I thought it would be today but I suppose it helps being really busy at work. My fiance has found it not too bad either, infact it was me saying I was hungry rather than the other way round. We're sticking to Sole Source for the first couple of weeks to give us a good start.....well thats the plan anyway!
I've managed to drink all my water today and have another glass on the go just now. Gonna head off for a bath then an early night.....yes I know its only 6.30pm :D

Good luck to everyone for Day 2 tomorrow.
Day 2

Hi, hope you don't mind me tagging along but just finished day 2. It has been tougher today but I am already noticing that I am not bloated anymore and my skin feels much nicer. Have had a headache off and on and feeling really tired but it's all worth it.

Best of luck everyone for your day 2's tomorrow.:p
Wendy x
Good luck everyone, I'm just a week ahead of you. So far so good, 9lbs down.

I found that the toffee and walnut shake made me crave cake!!!
Well day 4 is almost over and I've stuck to it 100%, have to admit that I've found it difficult today, lots of cakes & biscuits at work and felt quite left out with not being able to have any.
Finding it quite tough this evening, I just keep thinking of loads of different nice food......hoping this will pass soon!!
first week

Just at the end of day 5 and although i haven't felt hungry I have cheated a little (a handful of pringles and a pear). A bit disappointed with myself as there really was no need but the scales are also saying i have lost about 8lbs so not being too hard on myself. Really don't like the bars much and will go for just a couple of shakes and veg soup next week.
Good luck for the weekend everyone :)
Well day 4 is almost over and I've stuck to it 100%, have to admit that I've found it difficult today, lots of cakes & biscuits at work and felt quite left out with not being able to have any.
Finding it quite tough this evening, I just keep thinking of loads of different nice food......hoping this will pass soon!!
oh Mindy i am EXACTLY the same today!!! there isnt anything i really want, but cant stop thinking about nice food. today has been the first day i've struggled, im hoping tomorrow is better!!
well done on 100% i have been too, we can do it!!:)