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Attack Day Two and I am hungry - HELP

So yesterday was day one of the wonderful world of Dukan. Menu was:
Oat bran with low fat greek yoghurt for breakfast
Lunch, chicken in a tikka dressing (made from spices and low fat fromage frais)
Toffee Muller Light
Dinner - Ham omelette made with 1 egg and 3 egg whites, low far ff and Ham, with cottage cheese (low fat)
1.5 ltr of water

Today so far I have had oat bran porriage and cinnamon mised in. I am hungry right now.

I friend is doing it with me, and is not hungry at all, concerned that it is not working for me.

Also, should I weigh already ?

Thanks fellow Dukans xx
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I think its too late to weigh - you've had your breakfast ( I tend to do it first thing in the morning, straight after getting out of bed).
Hungry? - I tend to find that some sweetened quark with vanilla does the trick, or some of the total 0% greek yoghurt, or a nice coffee made with semi skimmed milk. Or you might like to have some solid protein, like chicken, or some tuna with balsamic vinegar.
Don't give up....getting on the scales first thing tomorrow will give you more motivation, and a spring in your step. Stay firm sister!!

You need to eat much more protein in the morning than yogurt can provide! It's protein that stops you feeling hungry, so it's vital to start the morning with it.

Tomorrow try a galette, dukan bread (see the recipe threads on the forum) or an omelette tomorrow morning.

And if you get hungry - just eat protein! Right now - chicken, prawns, cottage cheese, fish - unlimited means unlimited, so don't wait until lunch time.
eat more protein hun, roast a whole chicken pick it when you want to

boiled eggs pieces of beef ....do not be hungry on this diet i didnt lose 5 stone on it being hungry
also drink water to help
eat, eat, eat, lots of protein. I found by the end of the 3rd day the hunger had subsided and I didn't ever feel hungry while on cruise. Having hunger problems again though as I've recently started conso but fighting the urge to eat carbs


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As the others have said, you've a lot of dairy in your food intake and dairy doesn't hit the hunger as solid protein does (and it's limited to 1K maxi in Cruise anyway so good not to count on it).

I too definitely recommend making your oatbran into something rather than simply stirring it into a yoghurt to get its full benefit!

Good luck!
Ok, so I have just ate, chicken in chilli and lime and balsamic, 2 x boiled eggs and a sugar free jelly, and I could still happily pick. AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH
Keep picking - as long as its protein.

The cravings will stop, eventually.


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Ooh didn't know we could have sugar free jelly in attack phase! U have made my day!

I have packs of chicken and ham slices to pick on as I walk past the fridge! Also if ur stil hungry are u gettin plenty water? Our body apparently confuses thirst with hunger sometimes...maybe a myth?

I'm on day 4 of attack not been hungry as such but grazed all day everyday I like cod fillets as they aren't too expensive and put cajun spice on - delish! Also I had a small staek with prawns and cot cheese which was nice and the steaks on offer at asda - 3 trays for a tenner and u get 4 small steaks

As for getting weighed I am on the scales everytime I've had a wee but that's ur choice

Keep up the good work
When I first started the first 5-6 days I simply was not eating enough. Then I did a calorie counter and sure enough 800 calories was way to low. Back then in my mind I had the term diet floating around instead of lifestyle eating changes. Once I got that as a mind set & increased the protein, all was good. You will get there...Good Luck. :):)


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