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Attack Day Two of attack


** Chief WITCH **
Muffins? (goji berries, sweetener...; or just sweetener...)
Egg custard?

Check out our recipe section... or the book?

Good luck! Post your menus in the menu section, and maybe open a diary?


Goat herder(ess)
I rather enjoy the chocolate crèmes from the Dukan book, but I think I may be the only one who likes them! ;-) You can also flavour them with coffee or vanilla if you prefer.

Because I have a sweet tooth, I like to finish off a meal with some kind of pud, so I have a yoghurt after lunch and a chocolate crème usually after dinner. Occasionally, I make oatbran muffins as a nice change, getting 4 portions per day so I can spread them out. At the moment, I'm particularly enjoying making them with Weight Watchers lemon yoghurt, a pinch of ginger and some goji berries as the flavouring.


** Chief WITCH **
Good point Jaq - no chocolate either actually!

So yogurt... egg custards... that sort of thing
I dont understand why they are okay at all, but wouldnt think you'd want them on pp days either, I mean if you cant have spinach or cabbage why would dried fruit be okay.


grammar police
blondsmiler it might be worth you having another go at the galette. Everyone's first attempt was a disaster I think. You need a REALLY GOOD non stick pan. Don't worry about seperating your egg - just mix with 1.5 tbsp oatbran, 1 tbsp sweetner & 1 tbsp fromage frais or quark and perhaps some flavouring (a shake of cinnamon or few drops of oil and alcohol free vanilla essence).

With your pan on the smallest ring on the lowest heat pour in your mixture and shake it around a bit to flatten and spread it out. Set a timer for no less than 10 minutes and then go away and forget about it. When your timer goes off gently edge a spatula in one side, bring it round the edges and your galette should lift up off the pan. You can flip it now and give it another 5 - 8 minutes to finish it off.

It takes a little practice but once you've got the technique the galettes are brilliant!
Thank you, I will try the Galette again this evening for pudding. I did put sweetner and vanilla in it before and then when cooked sprinkle of cinnoman, if it had come out alright it prob would be rather nice.
TY again


grammar police
I have a cinnamon galette every day and I love them! They're filling, and easily transportable so really convenient for me. You'll be glad you persevered when you get it right!


Goat herder(ess)
I dont understand why they are okay at all, but wouldnt think you'd want them on pp days either, I mean if you cant have spinach or cabbage why would dried fruit be okay.
Yes, I remember that we were a bit surprised about them. Sorry, I can't find Jo's original post about them - I think it ended up in the Recipes section somehow, but isn't there now.

It was one of the new items, along with Konjac noodles. I think the rec is 1 tblsp for PP days and more for PV.

ETA: Just found the thread - it's actually in the Diaries section, and he does say they're okay for Attack. Here's the thread: http://www.minimins.com/dukan-diaries/192757-goji-berries.html

And here's the quote that Jo found:

During the Dukan diet, to benefit from the full virtues of Goji berries, the recommended dose is:

- During the attack phase: one tablespoon per day

- During the cruise phase: one tablespoon per day in PP phase and two per day in PV phase.
- During the consolidation phase: the dose can be increased to 3 tablespoon per day.
Maybe it was a case of him thinking that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?
Emma thanks for the galette info...mine were a disaster in trial runs (took it straight from the book) when i tried to lift it it just went to scrambled egg...good taste but awful looking!! I will attempt your version later-are they ok to make a day ahead-as in the book?


grammar police
Thought I'd bump this after I dream slim's comment on the menu thread. Did you have any success with my method blonde? Is the above helpful slim? I do tend to slip a little extra ff in there which makes the mixture more runny and the galette a little more spongy when cooked.
the galettes are definitely worth perserving with - and they get less "eggy" after attack, when you can add 2 tblsps of oatbran instead of 1 and 1/2.

It took me about a week to get it right and even now I have disasters, but my tips are

- Just use a good nonstick pan
- Add a drop of oil then wipe it out with tissue.
- Let the pan get hot before you add the batter - that seals the surface and means the bottom will cook properly on contact without sticking.
- Pour in the batter AND LEAVE IT TO COOK.
- Don't be tempted to move it until the bottom is solid and the centre is starting to firm up - you'll see bubbles forming in the top - let them pop.
- when you think it is ready to turn, test it by nudging it with the spatula; if it moves in a single piece you can probably turn it. If it just bulges or ripples leave it a bit longer.
- Flip it with the spatula.


** Chief WITCH **
Oooh of course, I'd not thought about the attack 1.5 only tablespoons of oatbran. The mixture must be a little soggy! Another reason not to linger unduly in attack.

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