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Day two!

Did u have it cold?? I have always had them hot, even when doing it a few years ago. May do them cold when the weather warms up a bit though lol


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hey everyone :) when u do the shakes hot do u microwave them? or use boiling water? Never tried them hot....sounds good!
i am second time round on CD and i always find I crave silly things when im on it, things I dont usually eat...and usually healthy stuff! aw well, shakes it is!! :) xx
have a good day everyone, 2nd day for me and going well so far! x
I put the water in a jug, just off the boil, add the shake and use a hand blender. Mmmm they are lush lol but i only have choc, choc mint and choc orange lol oh and a spicy tomato for tea :)


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i have reastarted about 5 times in the last year, after losing almost 2 stone in a few weeks last year. Ive never stuck at it for more than a couple of days since but this time i really feel in the zone! Im so determined. The final straw was last weekend, was at a friends wedding and i just felt hideous all day...but im glad i felt so crap cos i called my CDC straight away.

Ive started a little 'fat book' and have written down how i feel at the weight I am etc....its given me something to keep me busy and a massive motivation. Going to put pics in too. It will be something to look back on when im a size zero haha :)
NOT going to give up this time!! xx
The book thing is exactly what i did last time, i lost lost 6 stone in 2008 but due to 'stuff' i gave in and put it all back on. I too have tried about 4 times last year and only lasted a couple of days. This is the very last time i want to do this diet lol i've started the 'book' again and had pictures done.
We will have to encourage each other as we seem to be at the same mental stage lol


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definitely :) great minds think alike!!
well we will have to keep each other going :) Im usually ok once Ive seen a big loss the first week, its just getting to that point! This is gonna have to be the last time for me too, im skint!!
also, im 28 and havent really been at a nice weight in my 20s so im determined to be slim for my last year in my 20s!! :)

Lets gooooooo :) xx


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it tuesday next week as i work shifts....i cant wait already. Ive no events coming up this month...which is totally unusual for me! so no excuses to cheat! we shall have to make sure to check in AT LEAST every weigh in, check how we doing! ooooh excited!! x

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