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Well doen to getting to day 3 jenna. probably not your imagination, the first thing I noticed was my watch strap!!!

Keep on going hun, you are half way through the first week, and that is the hard bit!!!! keep your goals in mind at all times and you will sail through.

Good luck, ketosis should be along any time soon xxxxxx


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Keep going Jenna - day 3 is the hardest .... but it will soon feel better and then watch the weight fall off!


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Hi Jenna!

I am on day 4, not sure if I see any difference but feeling okay, apart from my right side. Hope it is not my kidneys?? I wonder when ketosis will kick in?

Best of luck - keep going!!!


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Hi jenna,

Well done on getting to day 3, keep glugging that water!

I too am on day 4 cheerydino! Feelin ok so far, just having half a banana tetra with extra water, sweetner and a dash of cinnamon on top. Ummm!


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thanks girlies..amazing as always..

well my right hand arm 'jumped' - more like jerked last night. quite weird actually. and im going to the loo so much kinda feeling some kind of pain from my belly button downwards. today seems ok though until now.

i need to chew on something though...grrrrr

ive heard about mousse...does LL provide mousse or is it a recipe?
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