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Dear Diary..... Sophie_MK

Hi, I am Sophie. I live near Milton Keynes and I am sick and tired of being fat!:sign0144:
So here is my new shiny online diary. I will do my best to update daily and offer support to other minimins. :talk017:
Off to weigh myself and update by profile.... eeeek!!! :eek:
Hope to make some new friends, so don't be shy, come say hi!
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Violet is shrinking
Hi Sophie, welcome to xenical :) I'm here quite a lot, so I'll pop in and out and see what you're up to ;)


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hey hun, hows it going???

where abouts are you, as i am not far from MK... :)
Thanks ladies. I live in Olney, near Newport Pagnell.

So far today I've had:

B - Slim Fast Choc Shake
L - 5oz Fillet Steak, medium jacket potato (5.85oz), Cucumber and Tomatoes with fat free vinegarette.
WW Chocolate Mousse.

I'm going to track my intake via myfitnesspal - it's such a fab tool. The slimfast are on offer in Tesco - 2 for £2 and I really like them, so I plan on having them for a while with a nice lunch or evening meal. Hope everyones taking advantage of the sunshine!!


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ahhhhh your on the other side, i work near a place called Weedon near Ayelsbury.... and live in Thame.......


Not such a fat kat now :)
I was EV for the floristry college near weedon. Dont go now though
Hi Sophie, welcome, this is a great forum for support, the guys here are fab.
Looking forward to hearing how your getting on. I'm sure you'll do great.



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toofatkat said:
I was EV for the floristry college near weedon. Dont go now though
Is that the one near northHampton?


Not such a fat kat now :)
I have worked there- moulton but on the Peterborough site but there is one at aylesbury as well. We get around a fair bit. The problem is with government cuts so many floristry depts are closing. I heard of another one last night- big dept, doing well at least 4 staff made redundant without warning . It's getting ridiculous. I just don't feel safe any more
Well todays food diary is a bit of a mess...
100g Alpen was 358 cals! Won't do that again, I really need to get to grips with cereal portions, still, at least its been counted right?? I did enjoy it though.... oh and that doesn't include milk!!
Tesco Mince & Potatoes £1 ready meal for lunch with slice of wholemeal bread..... 269 cals - pretty good for a lunch i think.
No dinner, as I had an exam and went for drinks afterwards, ended up eating 6 peanuts, which is approx 6g. Fat content too high to mention!!!!! So no dinner for me :(
I have drank loads of sugar free squash and have been peeing for england....

Praying the peanuts don't make me poop!!!
Night night xxx


Violet is shrinking
I love ceread, I'm such a fussy eater it's mad..I used to have cereals for my dinner years ago, a huge bowl and I was happy with that!

Now, when I have cereals I do weight them out or I grab to handfulls and that's it, it doesn't look like much but the calories are mad :(

I don't count my milk at all as I have so little of it now, just in tea is a splash, if I'm cooking with milk then I do :)

Hope the peanuts didn't get you ;)


I will do this!
Hi sophie and welcome aboard - we all make mistakes so try not to beat yourself up, learn from it and move on, hope you have had a good day today.

I spend time in oxfordshire too kes - my husbands family live in Bicester and some in Oxford so we go there every now and again. Lovely place of the world!


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Awwwwwwwwwww you are all enjoying the lovely part of the country..

How did the peanuts go....?????


Violet is shrinking
How are you doing?

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