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Dear sweet lord - is this for real????

I admit, that's alot.

But no way can it all be fat. Most likely water weight from all the extra sugar in your body. Unless you've eaten an extra 18000+ calories! (3500 calories in a lb of fat?).


On A Mission!
If you have been low carbing, then a day or 2 off is going to instantly restore your glycogen store, and that can weigh a good 3lb or 4lb. When you first diet and lose a load of weight, the intial weight loss is glycogen. Actual glycogen itself only weighs about a lb, but for each molecule of glycogen your body needs 4 molecules of water, so the overall weight of this store can be significant. Its not fat, and as soon as you go back to your low carb ways it will go again. Dont panic! and dont let it be the reason not to get straight back on the wagon again. Get yourself back on your diet tomorrow and by NYE you will have undone the damage.
I read somewhere that for every gram of carbs your body stores it has to store 3g of water so it will soon fade away when you get back on track.
Thank you oh sensible one's :) , i will stop crying now :) I am back to atkins today , please please let it melt away soon . Now i know i didnt eat that amount of calories , not cos i am a very restrained and sensible person , simply because i thought i was literally dying , the pain and cramps i got were unreal , so so wasnt worth it :(
the day (christmas day) that i ate carby stuff, i found i was really really thirsty, just couldn't satisfy my thirst, but then didn't wee as much as i had drunk, and had put on 3lbs.
it'll sort itself now though, back on track!


Clean green leafy machine
Yep get the water down you Ber, it makes a big difference :)

Once you come off induction and start slowly introducing more carbs, you will find where the balance is for you, where you can still lose weight safely and steadily.

I just find it so strange that I will feel "slim" and yet not have lost any weight and other WIs I feel heavier than ever, only to find that 4 lbs have disappeared - weird!
i think that it's because on other diets you get that 'clapped in belly' feeling because its empty, but with atkins we're always feeling satified, so no deprived empty belly.

when i put my hands on my hips (mother style!) i can feel that my haunches are a bit more svelte, and my clothes are loser, my legs are slimmer, but overall i dont feel much different because i still have a happy belly.


Clean green leafy machine
A happy belly - I like that.

Although I've got a lot to lose, I am already getting droopy drawers - on the walk to the party on Xmas Eve, I had to keep hiding behind my friends to hitch up both pants and knickers :eek::D


Clean green leafy machine
LOL too true, Bren :)
Yeah - no sharp objects Susie.

Elastic bands either side of the pants will suffice - no point buying new when you'll be out of them again in no time! (oooooo errr but you know what I really mean) :D


Clean green leafy machine
Well that's my thinking too, Water :)
I'm 8lbs over posted weight and 1 hole loser on my belt and that's after 4 days. :) but I know I can lose it again.:) That's probably again of about a stone.

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