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Debating Atkins

the first week like on any diet is usually pretty impressive, you could lose 7lb. I think I lost about 5 but I was already doing a different diet. After that anything goes, I have some weeks where I lose 4 or 5lbs then others where I lose little. I have stalled this last month due to me eating carbohydrates - but thats not a bad thing in my book ... catching my breath and actually showing me my limits for when its time to maintain.

good luck, you will enjoy atkins it doesnt feel like you are on a diet most days.


This is for life
Everyone's different - but see my signature for an example:)
I'm averaging around 3lb a week on induction-level carbs (I stress averaging- some weeks nothing, some weeks 5lb!). However, I have a lot more to lose than you do, so I would expect on any diet your weight loss would be more gradual.

It'll be quite a change for you- you'll have to quit the Xenical for a start! :eek::jelous: Horrible stuff if you ask me, I think I managed about 3 days on it.
Yup i know atkins and xen wont play nice

Debating atkins from next week till xmas (this weeks food shop been done) do those of you doing atkins stixk to pure protein n no veggies?


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This is for life
Take a look at sticky so your thinking of starting atkins - all info included. Fat is an important part of atkins - if you really want more protein focus, take a look at dukan which is low fat.
Tomorrow I will finish my first week on Atkins - I cheated and weighed myself halfway through and I had lost 5lbs. Although I will probably find tomorrow that either I've put some back on or not changed, just to punish me for sneaking a peek!
Yay! Well done. I know what you mean about the scale getting you back for "cheating" and looking. I shouldn't tempt fate (or fat), but a sneaky home weigh-in says I've lost weight too, after a week of no movement on the scale at all.

Official weigh-in is Monday, on Boots' more hi-tech machine. If I stay off the home scale until then, do you think it will forgive me and take another pound off? :D
I have digital scales at home but due to being blind cant see them myself sonhave to get hubby to tell me what they say

Might ask santa for some talking scales

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