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Debridgers' Food Diary & Ramblings

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Debridger, 27 February 2011 Social URL.

  1. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Well, I am rather confused as to why last week I lost 1.5lb, and this week I gained 1.5lb..... Last week I attempted, and felt happy with EE, and was pleased with the loss, following week EE, gained, didn't really do anything different, except had a few beers night before WI, but had a similar evening out the previous week but in the evening straight after WI......
    Can an evening on the tiles, all within my weekly syns allowance make a that much difference ? Consultant sayes it's fine to save them, and for the 1st 6 weeks it's been fine, maybe it's just a coincidence, maybe I've gone a bit off plan, but I don't think so, as I check and count everything before I munch it, or maybe I'm doing it wrong, who knows, so I'm gonna post a diary, starting from 1st day after WI, and I would appreciate any comments from all you lovely guys & gals.

    Cheersy Cheers
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  3. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    W8 D1 - Green

    Breakfast: Fruit
    1 apple, 1 pear

    Lunch: Homemade pasta salad with salad and hardboiled eggs
    (wholemeal pasta, peas, sweetcorn, dressing made from 0% greek, lemon juice & herbs)
    2x hard boiled eggs
    lettuce, cucumber, tomato and radish - at least 1/2 s/free

    Dinner: mince, mash, carrots and swede
    (minced quorn, mushrooms, onions, peas, oxo & bovril)
    mashed potatoes creamed with 0% greek, boiled carrots & swede
    at least 1/3 s/free

    Supper: cheese sandwich
    3x 400g hovis (HEBx1.5)
    3x L/cow light (HEA)

    3 pints lager - 30
    2x35ml whisky - 8
    weekly total 38


    W8 D2 - EE

    Brunch: poached eggs on toast and fruit
    2x poached eggs, 2x400g hovis (HEB) 2x l/cow light (HEA 0.5)
    fresh mango with 0% greek

    Dinner: Seafood paella with salad
    (prawns, mussels, squid, mackeral, rice, garlic, onion, knorr stock cube) lettuce, cucumber, tomato & radish - 1/3 s/free

    Syns: 0
    weekly total 38
    Last edited: 27 February 2011
  4. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK8 D3 - EE

    Breakfast: sausage sandwich
    2.5 quorn red leicester sausages (2.5) 2x400g hovis (HEB)
    little peeved, as I picked up the wrong sauasages!!

    Lunch: Homemade radish soup followed by fruit & yoghurt
    (radishes, onion, veg.oxo cubes)
    pear, banana, pineapple & shape 0%

    Dinner: pasta carbonara with salad & orange jelly & 'cream'
    (pasta, onion, garlic, boiled bacon, 5x l/cow light (HEA), 0% greek)
    lettuce, spinach, cucumber, radishes
    1/3 sugarfree jelly (0.5), clementine, 0% greek, splenda sweetener

    Syns: (as above)
    2.5 quorn sausages - 2.5
    1/3 s/free jelly - 0.5
    weekly total 41

  5. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    After arriving home from work, I popped to view one of our local lesiure centres, have a few more to check before deciding which one to join, then went grocery shopping, by the time I got in, wanted something quick and easy.....

    WK8 D4 (Monday) - Green

    Lunch: Jacket potato, beans and salad
    medium sized potato, baked beans, 3x l/cow light (part HEA), and large salad of lettuce, mixed leaves, rocket, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and celery.

    Dinner: Soup followed by chilli prawn noodles
    remainder of homemade radish soup (radishes, onion, veg.oxo cubes)
    with 2x400g hovis (HEB) 2x l/cow light (rest of HEA)
    Batchelors l/f Sweet Chilli supernoodles, 100g king prawns (HEB),
    mushrooms and onions

    Syns: 0
    weekly total 41
  6. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Well, now had 2 days confronted with cakes, sweets & chocolates in the office due to birthdays, Monday, just 2 desks away.
    Tuesdays were far easier to avoid, as I just walked a different way, and managed to avoid them.

    WK8 D4 (Tuesday) - Red

    Lunch: Turkey & tuna salad
    Turkey breast slices, drained tuna, lettuce, mixed salad leaves, cucumber, mixed peppers

    Dinner: pork chops, jacket potato & Veg.
    2x medium, fat removed and griddled pork chops, 208g jacket potato (HEB) stuffed with quark & chives, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & swede, and gravy made from oxo cube and bovril.

    Afters / Supper : Fresh Pineapple & yoghurt - shape 0%

    Treat : hot chocolate & squirty cream
    Options orange (1.5) made with 250ml semi skim milk (HEA)
    4 tbspns aerosol cream (1)

    Syns: (as above)
    options chocolate orange - 1.5
    squirty cream - 1
    weekly total 43.5
    Last edited: 2 March 2011
  7. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Well,it's been a few days since I've been on-line properly, so decided as I have the lap-top on, and working from home, I've 10 mins to update my diary and ramblings.

    I started the Easter sit-up challenge, week 1 was 25 am & 25 pm, last week I upped that to 30 am & pm, and today I managed 35, which will now be my aim for this week, in theory, I will be able to exceed the 3500 I 'signed-up' to do, I know that I would not have stuck to these daily sit-ups (crunches) on my own.

    So, update, Wednesday was yet another 'cake day', and I actually find it rather strange, whenever it's my birthday, yes, I take in the obligatory cakes, sweets and biscuits, but I also take in some pre-packed fruit salad stuff for those that don't eat cakes, or those watching their weight, or for other medical dietary reasons.
    This was pre SW, and have done so for about 4 or 5 years.

    OK, so no-one knows at work that I'm following SW, and that is one of the beauties of this plan, maybe I'm just too nice - well that's what my OH reckons anyway.
    In fact, only my OH, you guys and girls here, and at class know that I'm doing this, so, I'm waiting for the comments once it becomes noticeable....fingers crossed, it wont be too long.

    Anyway, that's enough for now, so let's update the grub.

    W8 D6 (Wednesday) - Green

    Lunch: Jacket potato, beans and salad & melon
    medium sized potato, baked beans, 3x l/cow light (part HEA), large salad of lettuce, mixed leaves, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and rice salad (rice, tinned peas, sweetcorn, carrot), small melon selection

    Afternoon snack: Fruit
    2x clementines & 2x plums

    Dinner: Fast Soup & sauasge, egg, chips and beans

    I made a sort of superspeed soup, but with the ingredients I already had, so I reckon, although not superspeed,, it's probably pretty fast!!
    (can of mixed bean salad - green beans, kidney, blackeye, borlotti & harricot beans, chick peas, sweetcorn and peppers - tins of lentils, tomatoes, baked beans and processed peas, leaks and onions, and a tin of mixed veg - peas, carrots, potatoes and swede with oxo, garlic and herbs)
    3x quorn red leicester sausages (3), 2 poached eggs, SW chips and baked beans

    Syns: (as above)
    3x quorn sausages - 3
    weekly total 46.5


    W8 D7 (Thursday) - Green
    WI today

    Breakfast: Cereal
    42g weetabix crunchy bran (HEB) semi-skimmed milk (part HEA)

    Lunch: Fast Soup and fruit & 'Cream'
    Soup as above, strawberries, blueberries, passions fuit, splenda mixed into FF natural yoghurt & quark

    Late afternoon snack : fruit
    2x apples

    Dinner: bean chilli & rice with salad and raita
    used the last of the fast soup, without adding extra liquid, fresh chillis, garlic, with plain boiled rice, lettuce, cuecumber, tomato and radish.
    Made a type of raita, with FF natural yoghurt, quark, chopped cue, onions, cherry toms, and loads of mint, cumin, and other aromatics.

    1 x 440ml can Fosters lager - 7.5
    50ml whiskey - 5
    weekly total 59
  8. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK9 D1 (Friday) - Green

    Breakfast: Cereal
    2x weetabix (HEB) semi-skimmed milk (part HEA)

    Lunch: 'fried breakfast'
    Scrambled egg (part HEA), mushrooms & cherry tomatoes (frylight) and baked beans.

    Dinner: Mushroom Risotto and salad
    rice, onions, oxo cubes mushrooms with lettuce, mixed leaves and tomatoes.

    5 pints Fosters lager - 50
    weekly total 50

    WK9 D2 (Saturday) - EE

    Brunch - 'fry-up'
    Scrambled egg (part HEA), bacon, mushrooms and tinned tomatoes
    2x400g WW thick wholemeal (HEB) 1 tbspn I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Light (2.5)

    Dinner: Seafood Paella and salad
    rice, onions, garlic, knorr stock cube, prawns, squid, mackerel.
    lettuce, mixed leaves, cucumber and tomatoes.

    Supper: fruit and 'cream'
    kiwi, plum, strawberries & blueberries, quark and FF natural yoghurt with splenda

    Syns: (as above)
    LF spread - 2.5
    weekly total 52.5

    WK9 D3 (Sunday) - Green

    Brunch: Egg and beans on toast
    2x poached eggs, baked beans 2x400g WW (HEB)

    dinner: bean soup and fajita, rice and raita
    bean soup with mushy peas, lentils, kidney beans and broadbeans, onion, oxo cube
    rice with kidney beans & onions, quorn fajita pieces, lettuce, mixed leaves, raita made with FF natural yoghurt, quark, chopped cue, onions, cherry toms, and loads of mint, cumin, and other aromatics

    Supper: cheese on toast
    2x400g WW (HEB) 3x babybel light (HEA) worcestershire sauce

    Syns: NIL
    weekly total 52.5
    Last edited: 7 March 2011
  9. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK9 D4 (Monday) - Green

    Breakfast: fruit & yoghurt
    Apple, banana, plum, clementine, mullerlight summer berries

    Lunch:Bean soup
    (As above)

    Dinner: Spaghetti carbonara and salad
    spaghetti, onions, mushrooms, 85g bacon (HEB), 65g philli light with chives (HEB). mixed leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes.

    Syns: NIL
    weekly total 52.5
  10. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK9 D5 (Tuesday) - Green

    Brunch: Beans on toast
    Baked beans, 2x400g WW (HEB) grated cheese (HEA)

    Afternoon : noodles
    batchelors LF chilli chicken super noodles

    Dinner: omlette, chips & beans, fruit & yoghurt
    3 egg omlette, cheese (HEA) onion, SW chips, baked beans
    Clementine, mullerlight

    Treat : hot chocolate & squirty cream
    Options belgian (2) 4 tbspns aerosol cream (1)

    Syns: (as above)
    options chocolate - 2
    squirty cream - 1
    weekly total 55.5

  11. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

    Hia, just popped on to see how you are doing :wavey:

    You've done really well this week hun ... do you think writing it all down has helped you get back into it? Do you think you did anything different?

    Well done!
  12. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    HI Ali, thanks for your support...In fact, I'm made-up tonight, just got back from WI... with a 3lb loss, not on the back of a gain, and just made my stone :)

    I've pretty much kept a note of what I've eaten since I started, and also my syns.... even the odd half here and there, but I think because I'm bearing it for all to see....I'm thinking about it more, and more determined to do it right, and not accept the odd couple here and there.... althouh, I do think even within syns a heavy drink night day before WI doesn't work for me anymore (I did have a couple last night though)

    You're doing great yourself, especially as you're doing it from home - well done, not sure I could be so firm with myself.

    Thanks again
  13. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

    Wow! Congratulations! :happy096:

    I know what you mean about drinking the night before WI ... I for one could not do this ... I deffo retain some fluid/weight the morning after the night before x

    My vino collapso is saved for after WI. In fact, I'm having one right now ;)
  14. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Enjoy it...I'll have a few pints tomorrow :)
  15. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK9 D6 (Wednesday) - Green

    Breakfast: 1x alpen light (Part HEB)

    Lunch: Jacket potato, beans and salad
    medium sized potato, baked beans, 3x l/cow light (part HEA), large salad of lettuce, mixed leaves, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber

    Supper: cheese sandwich and egg
    2x400g ww (HEB), 2xl/cow (part HEA), marmite, hard boiled egg

    2 pints Fosters - 20
    weekly total 75.5

  16. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Well, very pleased today, 3 lovely comments - OH 'oooh your birthday suit fits better' was the best, with. comments from work and class of you look like you've lost weight & it's starting to notice now..... and also lost 3lb raking me to my 1st. sticky ...woohoo great day

    WK9 D7 (Thursday) EE

    lunch: jerk chicken, rice & peas
    chicken leg quarter, skin removed after cooking (work canteen), rice with kidney beans and a. large salad of lettuce, mixed leaves, tomatoes, sweetcorn and cucumber
    pear, banana and kiwi fruit salad

    Dinner: lamb shank, mash and veg
    Asda lamb shank (1) potatoes mashed with onion, mustard powder, parsley & quark, 'fried' courgettes, carrots & swede
  17. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK10 D1 (Friday) - EE

    today I knew I was having a breakfast meeting with food and going out for lunch -it's also my night out down the pub.
    So, taking this into account, and also attempting a 'fishy week' I gave it my best shot !

    Breakfast (meeting) ignored the bacon, sausages and fried eggs to go in the big White floury baps, and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh fruit selection

    Breakfast: Fruit
    strawberries, grapes, kiwi, watermelon and passionfruit

    Lunch: Asian salmon
    oven roasted salmon with shitake mushrooms, rice noodles, bok choi and sugar snap peas in miso....the miso I have at home is only 1syn per portion, so would guess at only a couple of syns max will syn as 5

    Dinner: king prawn & courgette risotto
    arborio rice, onions, leeks, fish stock cube, king prawns, courgette

    Syns (as above)
    miso dish - 5
    3 pints Fosters - 30
    50ml whisky - 5
    Weekly total 40
  18. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK10 D2 (Saturday) Red

    Breakfast: Jellied eels

    lunch: crabstick sandwhich
    2x400g WW bread (HEB), 8 crabsticks (100g) mushed into a little ff natural yoghurt, quark, blackpepper, lemon juice and dill, with mixed leaves

    Dinner: mussels
    mussels, fish stock cube, onions & garlic

    Supper: fresh fruit salad and 'cream'
    apple, grapes, kiwi, clementine, pear & strawberries
    with splenda mixed into ff natural yoghurt and quark

    Syns : nil
    Weekly total 40
    Last edited: 13 March 2011
  19. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    WK10 D3 (Sunday) Red

    Well, decided that I needed a bit of excercise, so suggested a walk, OH agreed, and one place we really like is Leigh on Sea... the world famous cockles come from there....
    We then decided that it was a bit of a trek, 30mins or so in the car, to go for a walk, to buy extra expensive seafood. It also looked like rain at some stage, and didn't really want to get caught, so I suggested walking to our local seafood stall, OK, not scenic, but still a walk - 2.65 mile round trip, got the excercise, and got the seafood for lunch.

    Lunch: seafood selection
    cockles, brown shrimp and rollmops

    Dinner: Tuna steak & veg
    Tuna steak baked in foil with lemon, corriander & black pepper
    191g new potatoes (HEB) broccoli, cauliflower, courgette and carrots

    Supper: chocolate surprise
    1 level tbspn cocoa powder (1) mixed into ff natural yoghurt with
    strawberries, clementine and apple.

    warm milk in bed (250ml semi skimmed)

    Syns : as above
    cocoa powder - 1
    Weekly total 41
  20. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Well, it's been a few days since I've been here, and have now completed another week... a small loss of 0.5lb - but at least it's a loss. Just finished a 'fishy' week, and am a little disapointed with such a small loss, especially after the good reports I've seen, but I did go out for a few beers last night, which although not planned, still fitted into my syns allowance, so the poor loss, may well be because I was out last night, I did previously start this diary because of an unexpected gain, and if drinking the night before WI is the reason, then I'm more than happy with a loss..... found that the 2 weeks previously, that were mainly green have been good weeks, so...... looks like I'll try a few more greenies :)
    Time to post this weeks completed diary:

    WK10 D4 (Monday) Red

    Breakfast: Fruit
    Apple, Banana

    Lunch :Tuna & sardine salad,
    Tuna, sardines in tomato sauce, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot

    Mid afternoon: Pear

    Dinner: Starter - Mussels Main - river cobbler, potatoes and veg
    mussels, fish stock cube, onions & garlic
    smoked river cobbler, poached egg, carrots, green beans, baby corns, 194g new potatoes(HEB), quark, 42g lowlow (HEA)

    Syns: nil
    weekly total 41
  21. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Aaarghhhh........... I've just typed out Tues, weds, Thurs - and it's disappeared.....grrrrrr

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