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Debs78's Tubby Mummy to Yummy Mummy Diary


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Hi all. My name is Debbie, I'm 34 years old and became a mum to my gorgeous little girl Gabriella last October. I have always been overweight and have tried loads of different diets over the years. I decided to give Slimming World a go because my sister has had some really good successes on it and because I didn't want to have to worry about weighing and working out points. What is really going to help is that my OH is also doing the plan with me which makes it a lot easier as I don't have to worry about making a separate dinner for him. I'm in maternity leave so can't afford to attend class at the moment so am having to do it from books (an of course Minimins) at home so hoping this diary will help to keep me on track and give me somewhere to write down what I've eaten and my thoughts so if I do struggle I can look back and hopefully see why.

I am currently breastfeeding though have recently started (sort-of) combi-feeding and am adding in a formula feed every day. I have read the breastfeeding thread and have decided to treat it like I have started weaning since I am adding in the formula feed so am allowing an extra 3 HE's a day (2 of which are HEa) although so far I have only been having and extra 1 HEa so should probably make more effort to have more calcium. I am sticking to EE to begin with but will start to add in some green and red days once I get to grips with it.

I started on Tuesday so have another 3 days until my 1st weigh in.

Food plan for today is:

B: 2x wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (HEb) with a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce
(meant to have some fruit for my superfree 3rd but not managed it yet)
L: Chinese savoury rice with baby corn cobs, broccoli, pickled beetroot, red cabbage and half a tin of salmon
D: Home made pork burgers made with lean pork mince, onion and mushrooms in a wholemeal bun (HEb), cheese slice (HEa), sw chips and a salad

Snacks: 250mls Semi skimmed milk (HEa)
I'll update the rest later ;)

Please feel free to comment, particularly on my food choices if you think there is something I am doing wrong.
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I've had a hungry day today. I've kept to the plan but feel like I've still overdone it because I've pretty much grazed all day. I stuck to the meals as above. In addition I have had
- a piece of sw quiche (all free/superfree),
- a sw scotch egg that I made today and worked out to be 2 syns for breadcrumbs and seasoning
- 3 (yes 3!!) Muller light Greek coconut yoghurts. Think I might be addicted. 1.5 syns
- 5 fish sticks
- 1.5 tbsps ketchup so 1.5 syns
- 1 small square of galaxy choc which I've guessed would be about 2 syns
- 1tsp olive oil to cook onions 2 syns
- 2 tsps lurpak lightest onmy toast this morning 2 syns

I'm within my syns and all I have had has been on plan it just seems like so much. We'll see what happens on the scales on Tues I guess :)


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Been grotty weather here today so I've only made it as far as Tesco's and back :( Hoping things brighten up so we can take the baby and dogs for a nice Sunday walk.

Foodwise I've had the following:
B: mackerel in tomato sauce on toast (HEb) + 3 syns for some lurpak lightest. Then pineapple and banana with a cherry ML
L: low fat chicken super noodles with baby corn cobs, broccoli and mushrooms
Snacks have been a scotch egg (1.5 syns), 5 fish sticks, a lemon MLG (0.5 syns) and a little ferrero egg which I believe are 3 syns.
Dinner is roast lamb with sw roast potatoes and loads of free veg. Need to allow 1.5 syns for my gravy and might have an Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pud.

Seems like such an enormous amount of food but I had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and I've lost 5lbs already. So pleased and clearly the amount I'm eating isn't hurting. I'm assuming that as time goes on my stomach will shrink and I'll naturally want to eat less anyway.


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It's going to have to be a low syn day tomorrow as I've gone over :-/ I had 2 yorkshires with my dinner and a sugar free jelly after so looking at 16.5 syns today. I know it's not a huge amount but it's those one or two syns here and there that will soon add up. So tomorrow I'm going to aim to have no more than 10 and lots of superfree ahead of my official weigh in on Tuesday.


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Well I did my 1st session on my new allotment this morning. Lots of digging and turning of soil so think 2.5 hours of that counts very well towards my exercise today ;) Food so far has been:
B: 3x w/m toast (75g) with a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce and a banana
L: 1/2 packet of smash with baked beans and half a can of tuna. Messed up a bit as didn't have a third superfree but I was so hungry after being on the allotment I needed something quick and I was too full for fruit after.
D: will be gammon with pineapple, 'fried' egg, sw chips, mushrooms and onions.

Snacks so far has just been a mullerlight and some leftover tinned salmon that was in the fridge.

HEa so far 200mls of semi skimmed milk and a tablespoon of Philly light in my mash at lunchtime.

Syns so far 2 for lurpak lightest on my toast.


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Ended up with a bit of q change for dinner. Didn't fancy potatoes again so made roasted peppers stuffed with couscous with a hea portion of cheese on top. Very tasty it was too. I've found that I've been quite a bit less hungry today which I'm pleased about. Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow :)

I've only had 2 syns so going to treat myself to a cup of tea and a curly wurly while I watch the Rovers burn down ;)


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So official weigh in this morning and I lost 5lbs this week. Very happy with that as haven't felt deprived at all this week :)

Just had a lovely breakfast of 3 w/m toast (69g), tinned mackerel in tomato sauce (of course ;) ), scrambled egg mushrooms and peppers. Used 3 syns on some lurpak lightest and a little ketchup. It was scrummy and I'm nicely full now :)


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Had quite a nice afternoon. Oh and I went in to town with Gabriella for a mooch round the shops. We went for a coffee and I was very good. Instead of my usual Cafe Caramella I had a skinny cappuccino with sugar free caramel syrup. The milk counted towards one of my HEa's so all good :)

For food I had a quick lunch before going out of leftover couscous, another tin of mackerel in tomato sauce and pickled beetroot and very tasty it was too.
Dinner was syn free curry made with chicken, lots of free veg and fat free yoghurt served with boiled rice.
Snacks have been a pack of salt and vinegar ringoes which at 67kcals I work out to be 3.5 syns. I've also had a lemon gml. So altogether 7 syns today :)


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I think I had best just draw a line under yesterday and start again today. It wasn't good :( Although generally food was good I had wine and chocolate so basically undid any good work I did do. Back on track today though!


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Epic fail this weekend :( Was meant to be going to Devon to visit my family but the snow has put a stop to that and I'm gutted. So did my usual and comfort ate all weekend. I knew what I was doing but didn't care. I really need to work on not using food as a prescription every time something in my life doesn't go according to plan. I just haven't worked out how yet. Oh well onwards and (hopefully) downwards and I'll just have to see what damage I've done on Tuesday at wi.