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A really stupid thread but i have to post as i probably need a good kick up the jacksy followed with a verbal battering.

I work for miself (mot cars) so i have a lot of sit down time everyhour inbetween tests. I usually sit on my pc doing wot i luv mi gg's BUT, i have this drinks machine for my customers and i just cant help miself, im having a drink of decaf coffe with 1 sweetex at least every hour (thats around 8 a day, sometimes more?) you know the ones in the small plastic cup.

I assume i need to stop and maybe start drinking water but water just doesnt do it for me? or am i wrong? I also like mi tea (no sugar) but im lazy and the machine is very quick and handy, sorry lol.
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Mechman.... remember you can have diet soft drinks too. I keep a stash in my desk drawer as a treat (even though they are free), I find water boring after a while. xxx
Hi louise, may try the soft drinks & diet free pop, but my brain is kinda moshed up believing it needs a hot drink all the time (probably cus my garage is so dam cold, lol)

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Take a kettle (or does your machine dispense boiled water?) and a mug and a jar of bovril, sorted :) Not only that, hot drinks could include peppermint tea etc, do you like them? they are free. yipeee lol
Good advice Jax,! I agree with everything she has said

Ruthy xxx


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For a start why don't you try alternating hot drinks and water. Have a coffee the first hour then water the 2nd etc etc. Do you have a bottled water system in your station? If not, why not look into it? It will them be quicker and easier than getting a coffee! Try Pow or other water suppliers
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Hon, caffeinated drinks also dehydrate the body (which in turn can lead to the body holding on water retention as the body retaliates) so try to get in some water in there as well to keep you hydrated, you can even add squash to a bit of hot water to give it some taste if you don't like plain water. I have heard some people swear by extra light ribena (no sugar) and hot water in the cold weather, and regular sf squash and cold water when it gets warm out



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Great advice from everyone!

Personally, I've been trying to steer clear of the caffeine and have been drinking hot Vimto (no added sugar!) or a slice of lemon in hot water! I know a lot of people don't like the lemon idea though! I've also been having a lot of hot water on its own, which is an acquired taste!

I've found that since I've been drinking more water, I don't drink as many fizzy drinks and am finding that I enjoy the fizzy drinks less now!

Might be an idea to invest in a big flask and take your own to work with you!

Annette x
thanks again for all the ideas, i will be adding some ribena and squash to the shopping list oh and the bovril. i think its time for a little brain training. no tea no tea no tea, no coffee no coffee no coffee :(


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I always have a coffee in the morning and I sometimes have a couple at work too. There's no reason you should cut them out completely

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