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December demons-very common or just me?

As many of you know I often post on here and absolutely love cd, however I am really struggling to stay motivated at the moment as Christmas draws closer,I am not bingeing,but alcohol has crept in the last 2 weekends and I have given up hope of a pre-xmas loss.
Just wondered how many of us are finding December very challenging? x
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Going for Goal!
Hi Mrs T - yep the demons have got me too :( I am also planning a real restart (100% ss) on 1st January. I have given up hope of loosing anymore between now and Christmas. Having said that I am still determined not to gorge and instead stick to 1200. It's a real nightmare this month. Really cheesed off tbh - could have a good ole cry if the truth be known...:(:(:(:(
Emma - hope you feel better soon - hugs

MrsT - it does seem a bit harder at this time of the year as food seems to be pushed at you from every angle - wine too. However, I have decided that one year of missing out on xmas things isn't going to kill me and I can do xmas next year.
Instead of thinking about what I am missing I am trying to think of how wonderful I will feel this summer when bbqing with friends etc and going to the pool and feeling good in my swimming costume.
I was looking longingly at chocolate raisins in the shop this morning but told myself not to be pathetic and I am stronger than that and I can have some next year. I hope this bout of will power I am having now lasts through to January!
I've known all through this diet that Xmas week would be more or less a write off. I've decided not to beat myself up about it and factor it into my long term goals.

I'm expecting a few pounds gain, put it that way!
I think it is hard as there is so much food and drink around and you feel like you are missing out but I'm going to try and do similar to Alexice ...I'm going to cut down a lot this year...and then hopefully next year I will be in a place where I can afford to have a few more things without going too far back! So it's damage limitation for me this year!

Good luck everyone with keeping to your aims for the festive period! :cool:
Choc & fat laiden food is banned in this house next week.

The way I look at it, is its literally one day (xmas day) AND thats NO excuse to eat crap over the period.

Im off to my Mums next Friday with all my family and i'll have dinner (minus roasties & pudding) but will have meat & veg a plenty :D

Every bluddy year PRE cambridge ive been weight watchers and ALWAYS without fail stumbled at the Christmas hurdle...NOT this year.

Im 100% and im staying that way to goal


im trying hard to stay focussed, and determined to loose more before xmas... i will have more to eat than usual over 2 days of xmas, but thats it!
I think if you resign yourself to get back on it in the new year, it can be even harder! alot of damage can be done in the time between now and then! and im certainly not keen to undo all that i have achieved...
its a fine line between enjoying a bit more food and being resigned to gain and start again in the new year.. if you can stick to just a few days, you may not even gain at the next WI...
hey guys, it is very very hard!! more social events- thats what im struggling with and lots coming ahead in the next week and half inc 3 meals out! (still planning these!) and food everywhere!!!! BUT like some of the other have pointed out christmas is only a couple of days and so is new years. In my diary i have now clearly planned what days im aloud to eat and drink, and on these days i will try and keep it under control and not go mad, i also know strictly what days im straight back to shakes. Im using new years as a big motivator as it will help me to know ive got to stay on track in between the two if i want to wiggle myself into a nice dress and not have a huge tantrum about feeling sh*t in what ever i put on. I think alot of it comes down to forward planning and being prepared so thats what im going to try and stick to! XXXXX


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Me too!!!! I am in maintenance mode now, and as long as I am the same weight at the beginning of Jan I will be happy. Its not as if I am running wild with the food, but there are so many meal out and events it is difficult not to eat. I am still making sensible choices but am now having a meal a day (low carb - but not CD). Strangely I did lose this week, when I expected to maintain, so can't be doing that much damage.
Very common Mrs T. I think people (myself included) have come to associate xmas with food and drink. Twas the one time of year i really let myself go and ate what the hell i liked. Needs to be reined in hence the reason im 100 % till xmas day then SS plus. Back on track for boxing day though. Otherwise i know ill go mad again.


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i had 4 meals out and 2 nights of drinking last week i weighed in yesterday and had gained a pound my first week in 6months where i haven't had a loss, and i don't mind i still felt in control and allowed myself what i wanted within reason all my social things happened in one week and i haven't got anything else planned now. I will be having xmas day and boxing day off plan but straight back on it the day after i agree with what has been written before you don't need to come off plan and think well i'll start again at new year you could do some serious damage in all that time. I am quite confident i won't binge on xmas day as i found out last week when eating a bit too much i felt terrible...really bloated and crampy i don't want to feel like that on xmas day.
I had a rum and coke last night... it was lovely! know i shouldnt have but couldnt resist!
think its the drink more than the food for me!!

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