December Starters

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  1. sarey

    sarey Member

    hi all, i picked up my packs on sat (29th nov) so cut right down on carbs sun and have been on the food packs yesterday and today, was weigh in night tonight and ive already lost nearly 3lbs and ive been drinking ridiculous amounts of water to prove to my sceptical parents that i'm not losing weight through dehydration, just wondering if anyone's got any tips to help me survive the next few months?
    sarey xx
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  3. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Enjoy the losses - 3lbs is a great start.

    As for tips, drink plenty (4L a day), if thoughts of food come to mind go do things to distract you; phone friends for a chat, post in here, play the arcade games, go for a walk, have a soak in bath and pamper yourself - anything to take your mind off it.

    You'll be really surprised at how quickly the weeks past, the losses will inspire you on and if you stick with it then you'll soon be at the end and maintaining.

    Best of luck!
  4. sarey

    sarey Member

    thanks katie, fingers x'd this one's gonna work,
  5. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    It seems you have the most important part sorted out and that is the drinking of water!! Have a read through some of the threads on this forum and some of the blogs too! They will give you some insight on what to expect with regards to how to handle peoples reactions to seeing a new you so suddenly, how to deal with meals and nights out with your freinds etc... Honestly, I have found this forum so useful. I dunno what I would have done without it.

    B x
  6. futureyummymummy

    futureyummymummy Silver Member

    Hi welcome and good luck, I've just started my 5th week and have lost 24lbs up to now, this diet is the best thing I've ever done and no doubt you'll feel the same in a few weeks :).

    Like Bek said the most important part (apart from not cheating) is drinking plenty of water :), there's some great blogs around on this site and some very inspirational stories and people.

    Again good luck :)

    Emma xXx
  7. lil miss mummy

    lil miss mummy Full Member

    Hi ya,
    Have to agree with everyone else and I would just say make sure that you go to the meetings or at least see your LLC every week as they will help you stay on track.

    I am sure you will do well!
  8. DillyDee

    DillyDee Full Member

    Hi Sarey

    How are you getting on? I'm on day two. Struggling a bit with the taste of some of the shakes and soups, but I'm sure it's just a question of my taste buds readjusting. Not been tempted by any food yet, which is great! Got my pop-in tomorrow night, so here's hoping for a loss to keep me motivated!
  9. sarey

    sarey Member

    thanks, i'm doing ok at the mo, not been too bothered about the fact i'm not eating normal food, had been invited to a friends house for tea tonight so i agreed to go on the condition that they didnt try to feed me n i took a soup with me. However, when i got home mum wafted real hot chocolate under my nose but i've been good. A couple of people have been a bit arsey about it saying its a fad and anything dehydrated cant be good for you but a few people on my team at work have done it, look great and are backing me up against the doubters. i'll show them when i'm 4 stone lighter:party0049::party0049:
    as for the flavours i love the vegetable soup and the chicken and mushroom ones arent bad either, not so keen on the shakes tho
  10. sarey

    sarey Member

    good luck with your pop in, hopefully u'll be pleasantly surprised
  11. DillyDee

    DillyDee Full Member

    Woohoo! I had my pop in last night and had lost 7lbs!!! Gave me such a boost after a day of feeling headachey and nauseous. Am starting to get used to the shakes and soups a bit more now - I like tomato, chicken and vegetable soups and the banana and vanilla shakes. Had a peanut bar for brekkie (how nice to chew something again!!!) and that was ok too. Am drinking loads of water and haven't been tempted by food yet. So far so good!

    Roll on Tuesday for my first week's weigh in.

    Hope you're getting on ok. x
  12. sarey

    sarey Member

    well done dillydee, keep up the good work. I was v.naughty yesterday and although i planned on sticking to water had a bottle (or two) of wine but i paid for it this morning and afternoon and if i hadnt had to run the bar at a function this eve, i prob wouldnt have got up at all, needless to say i've learnt my lesson, slapped my own wrists and will not be straying again anytime soon.
  13. sarey

    sarey Member

    hey all, have been for my weigh in tonight (09/12/08) have lost nearly 7lbs this week even with my naughty wknd so in total since the 1st i've lost 9.5lbs :)
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