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Decided to give the peanut butter flapjacks a go


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Very apt description S, they are viler than vile. It took me an hour to eat, the one time I tried it. WIll NOT be doing that again.


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Very apt description S, they are viler than vile. It took me an hour to eat, the one time I tried it. WIll NOT be doing that again.
I only went with 2 to give them a go for 1 day. Think that'll do me. The chemist also had a load of the shakes that were July 10 best before but are still fine and didn;t charge me so this week only cost me about £20 instead of £54. Great day all round.
I just ate one, looked at the wrapper and it was outta date by 4 feckin months.. as if they arent rank enough lol xxx


Never give up
Flapjack Flashback!

Yuck! I can actually taste that flapjack again while I read this thread. And I could barf at the thought of an out of date one. 'Twas indeed akin to chewing poo. Actually how very dare they even call them flapjacks - should be called poochews. It would be more honest. And it's catchy! :)

Well done on the free shakes S - that'll make next week's (sponsored) loss all the sweeter!


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i was asked if i wanted a peanut flapjack today in my 1st wks goodie bag and i being a possible Rodney said yes. One thing is for sure i won't be trying it out tomorrow which will be my 1st day but shall definitely keep you all posted as to when i do ;)


Never give up
Chiku chew poochew? Can't wait for the report! :D
awww ive still got a few spare shakes so was thinking of taking a few flapjacks tomoz to try as if i tatste a corner i can still have a shake instead haha

i di try one a few years back and gipped so bad, could not even swallow it, but then back then i hated the soup too but now i love it
I've never been brave enough to try them, and I think that's a decision I'll be sticking to!
I tried one, they were awful. So very awful. I will never again attempt anything other than the choco milkshake.

it was one that my mother had spare, I think she wanted to make me try it, just to be mean!
I hated the first one I ever had but I perservered with it and they do actually get far, far easier to eat. They saciated my need to chew you see, thought I'd go mad without it lol. I ended up preferring the coconut ones, but I admit I had to eat them with a HUGE coffee to wash it down.
ive got one today from the chemist, still not tried it yet hehe


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Can anyone tell me why these ''flapjacks'' have to taste so awful. I know the idea of lipotrim is to retrain you taste buds and to break the carb addiction but surely palatable is achievable????

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Week 2 (Cheated) -1lb
Week 3 (back on track)-5lbs
Well done Size 10 - I bet you were expecting them to be truly hideous and had a nice surprise! I have to say I really love all 3 shakes, to the points that I could cheerfully drink any of them at any time, but I'm not so keen on the soup and don't like peanut butter OR coconut at the best of times so will continue to avoid!


i want to be like betty
hi i have on average 3 per week, i dont think the texture is nice but with a coffee and mental attitude of it being peanuts i manage.i do think they are so handy when your working or on a day out so your not taking your shaker.

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