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decided to start slim fast

I have tried loads of different diets. I have decided to try slimfast. I know this is naughty but I have decided to sole source for a week. People have posted this is dangerous but too be honest I cannot see why cos if you look at ingredients, 3 per day = 100% of most things you need.
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Hi jje1973,
All I would say is please be careful if you are using SF as a sole source diet, as it really isn't designed to be used this way and you could end up making yourself ill.
I know everyone wants to loose weight quickly but this shouldn't be at the risk of your health. Please think about what you are doing.
Please. please think again. Studies on these liquid SS diets have suggested that for health reasons it is better for the body to have a healthy meal once a day. SF has always recommended this.
If you go SS for some time the body will go into 'starvation mode'. It will conserve fat until the 'famine' is over and then you will regain rapidly. I'm losing steadily by following the SF plan and feel really well.
Best of luck to you on whichever path you chose.
Hi jje1973,
All I can really do is repeat what everyone else has said. Most nutritional experts recommend not going below 1000-1200 calories when you are dieting on your own as you will enter starvation mode and your body will start to use muscle for calories. SF have designed the diet to be safe with a regular 1-2lb loss per week.

I hope you choose what is best for you and if you do ss on SF please don't continue for more than a week. You are always welcome to join us with our challenge

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