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Dee's Food Diary

Dee 25

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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Looking good sweetie.
Is this your new food diary now yer? x

Dee 25

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yeah thought i would start a diary and then we can see how i go.

but i'm hungry today:sigh:

hopefully will loose this week



maintaining since June'09
Yes - food looking good :) Sorry you're hungry though. Try some sparkling water or soda water - the bubbles can be filling ;)

Fingers crossed for a loss for you this week, when do you get weighed? xx
He Dee
Looks Good.
I just joined and noticed you use balcemic vinegar. Is that just for taste or is there a specific benefit?

Dee 25

Full Member
jan i get weighed on monday, i weighed myself on thurs just to make sure i hadnt put on with doing the calorie thing.
i'd lost a pound, but gonna stick with the monday weigh ins, but gonna do it at home as have decided not to go back to chemist. but gonna buy some maintenance products from another chemist

no i just like the vinegar as food is a bit dry until i can have mayo

dee xx

Dee 25

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thanks everyone,

havent had a very good today went out this morning so didnt eat while 3pm. and now hungry cos missed a meal, here is what ive had and ive pinced a few of kids sweets.

b: missed
l:tuna salad with j potatoe
s:mullerlight and grapefruit
d:don't know yet

dee xx

gonna try harder tomorrow, get weighed in morning

Dee 25

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well had that above and then for tea had
pasta with passata sauce and mushrooms and pepers
then had some chocolate oh no and need sweet stuff so had a maintenance shake to fill me up before i cheat again.

help!!! what do i do tomorrow?



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
What do you mean, what do you do tomorrow?
What are you worrying about pet? The fact you had chocolate?

If so dont panic. Just get right back onto 1 shake and 2 balanced meals tomorrow :)

Dee 25

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Yeah iam panicking Tanya, omg havent had chocolate for nearly 7 weeks, actually any fat really. suppose to be getting weighed in morning but prob will put on now. think ive def overeat.

Have you got any suggestions, cos i nedd to loose 10 lbs in 5 week on wed, didnt know if to have 2 maintenance and 1 meal or 1 maintenance and 2 meals.
But dont want to go back up.



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
You need to do what feels best for you chick. I think you will be ok with 1 shake and 2 meals if you limit your carbs. Don't feel guilty about the chocolate sweet you can't deprive yourself. Personally I don't think you've over eaten at all.

Weigh yourself in the morning you might be pleasantly surprised.

If you fancy something sweet how's about lf fruit yoga or even a cadburys light trifle pot? Maybe even a couple of squares of dark choccie melted with a piece of fruit?

Just don't beat yourself up xxx

Dee 25

Full Member
thanks tanya

you're all are a big help.

yeah well going to be extra good now
here is what i'm having today, gonna have small portions i think.

b: orange cream shake
l:tuna salad
d:chicken with veg and potatoes
s: fruit (maybe)

not gonna weigh today gonna wait while thursday cos i did weigh myself last thursday with starting refeed again

i'm just all cocked up
dont know if im doing right or wrong and afraid not gonna get this bit of weight off

dee xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Your menu looks great today hun :)


Gold Member
Tanya is right, dont panic about food, just look on food as an energy that your body needs, to perform its daily activities, just like a car needs petrol to perform.

Keep yourself busy when you feel like snacking on anything, a good soak, manicure, anything really.

Dee 25

Full Member
Thanks thats really good advice

well had a right performance yesterday, i went to a new weldricks because of the farce with the refeeding. i only wanted some maintenance but they had to have all my details so had to wait 45 mins for them to fax over my things, they weighed me lost half a pound :D but may be more as i was wearing jeans. then when i asked for the shakes they didnt have any maintenance or at the other branch in town. so wasnt happy, i am gonna send an email to complain its just ridiclious.

so cant finish refeed prop eat like a pig yesterday, but back strong today and determined to get this 10lb off in 5 weeks.

so todays meals, having to just manage with what i have:

b: slim fast shake made with water
l: cabbage soup: stock, cabbage, onions, peppers
d: salad with meat or fish and maybe a small jacket.
snacks: grapefruit
Calories: about 600
Drinks: plenty of water, black tea

what do ya think, made myself a big batch of that cabbage soup as i bought abit too much cabbage. thought it might get me back loosing :D.

dee xx


maintaining since June'09
Not enough calories hon. You need more than that if your metabolism isn't going to slow down. You won't be in ketosis with what you're eating so that dreaded old 'starvation mode' could kick in to preserve what little you're giving your body. I would definitely have that jacket and not too small - at the very least ... sorry.

It's a minefield this dieting lark isn't it!! :eek: xx

OH! And as for chemists and not having what you need/giving the right advice etc. It seems there's been no change there then :( x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
:eek: Hold up mrs!!!!!!! 600cals is not enough!!!!!!

Do you know you can do refeed with the TFR shakes???
Im sure you chemist should have told you this - or do you just not want to do refeed with them?

Seriously chick - you can't survive on 600cals, you will crash and burn and then end up pigging out. Defo have that jackpot pot and make it a nice size one - around 6-8oz is ideal hun :) x

Dee 25

Full Member
thanks tanya

no i havent got any shakes at all so thats why ive had the slimfast one this morning.
anyway ive added 100ml of skimmed milk to the shake and had a very small tuna salad in a bowl with the cabbage soup.

and had a good size grapefruit.

will update later on what ive had all day and calories.

if you have any suggestions on what meals and things i should be having cos really need this ten pounds off.

just on my way out going to walk 2 and half miles now.

dee x

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