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Dee's Food Diary

Decided to keep a food diary online to keep me focused and to possibly let someone point out any bad mistakes I am making that may be hindering my weight loss. Today is day 12 of my diet, but will take it from day 8 as this began my new week.

Day 8 Green (as always)

B'fast - 3 ww danish bread (1 HEb) 2 eggs and 1/2 tin baked beans.

Snack -Banana and Ryvita mini's (1 HEb)

Lunch - Pasta and tom sauce homemade
1 tesco incred fruity yog (1 syn?)

Dinner -Chilli Risotto (sw recipe)
2 glasses of wine :eek: (10 syns)

Snack (more snacks??)
3 babybel lights (HEa)

Day 9 Green (for a change!!)

B'fast - 2 melon slices, grapes and a mullerlight

Lunch - Batchelors pasta (cheese and broc) with 3 babybels (HEa) 1 small roll (HEb)

Snacks - Banana, apple and mullerlight

Dinner - Salmon (HEb), Lentil and spinach curry (homemade)/rice

Evening snacking session -G+T (syn 2.5)
Mini Maltezers (syn 5)and microwaved crisps

Day 11
Breakfast - Mullerlight, banana and melon

Lunch - Egg frattata (fratatta?!) 2 babybel

Dinner - Bowl of syn free chips

Celery, carrot and lasagne crisps, cottage cheese dip, 1 bottle of red wine (20+ syns)

Mmmm not bad day:sigh: should have had another HEb I think and shared the wine!!
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Day 12 (sun)

B- 3 ww danish toasted (HEb), 3 laughing cow cheese triangles spread on toast (1/2 HEa)

L- Quorn shepherds pie and lots of veg, mullerlight

T- Ryvitas minis (HEb), 3 babybels (HEa), banana, melon slice

S- Mullerlights x 2, 1 pk of maltezers funsize (Syns 5) cup of cadburys highlights (Syns 2) not yet drank.

Have all the books out, am going to have a go at red tomorrow if possible. Have never done a red day before as not a big meat eater but in for a penny and off with the pounds!! :eek: (poor joke)
Day 13 Tuesday

Another green day- couldn't face dong a red...

B- Mullerlight, slice of melon (ss) and a banana

L- Leftover sheps pie from yesterday (recycling)

D- small jacket spud with baked beans, and a huge salad with rest of the dips on.

S- Picked at Roasted baby potatoes with a dip
(made from c1/2 tub of cottage cheese, a few tblspns fromage frais and a few red jalopenos peppers out of a jar..getting addicted to dip making lol)
Milk allowance (HEa in 3 coffees- one was milky using the milk up), 3 babybel lights and 4 Ryvitas Garlic and Rosemary (2 x HEb) assuming the ryvitas are the same as sesame (F and S)

Too full up for any syns, have eaten way too much!!
Tuesday (again!!) Day 14

B- Mullerlight, Melon and grapes
L- Batchelors pasta Macaroni, Bread roll (HEb)
D- Pasta, cottage cheese and veg sauce
S- 4 ryvita (HEb), 6 laughing cows(HEa), 1 pk maltezers (syns 5) Milky coffee (HEa)

Total Syns 5
Wednesday Day 15

Have not stopped eating all day- no doubt just nerves about tomorrow's placement meeting:hide:. Will be glad to get back to Uni/get on placement and get out of the house for the day.. still another 1.5 pounds lost so really chuffed:party0036:, it's going slowly but hopefully it will not pile back on as quickly.. so here goes for the mammoth amount of grub I have eaten today.. if I weren't on slimming world I would be deeply ashamed..

Green Day - no surprises there!!!:D

B- Melon, banana and Mullerlight
L- Pasta and meatball leftovers with a teaspoon of red sauce (1 SYN)
D- Salmon (HEb), potatoes, veg and cheese sauce (HEa)
S-Mullerlight, 2 alpen bars (HEb)(had to try them both-!!) 1 pack of snack maltezers (5 SYNS), Apple and a Milky coffee made with milk allowance (HEa)...
Not bad for one tummy on a diet lol:giggle:

Total Syns 6

I have come to the conclusion - I like smileys:D


Just follow the plan
Looks good Dee, I've eaten loads to today too but still on the plan.
Thursday -Day 16

Thanks FlipFlop, it was a bit of a food consumption overload lol wasn't it!!
Thanks for checking it over xx:)

Well today I have been pretty good, had a bigger breakfast for a change.. hoping when I get back to full time out the house all day, I can plan and prepare adequately to keep me on track.... :innocent0001: anyway here goes for todays line up...

B- 2 slices of nimble (HEb), 2 eggs and half a tin of baked beans.

L- 1 packet of batchelors rice, a banana and a mullerlight yogurt

D- home cooked wedges with grated cheese (HEa) on, and mushy peas, 1/2 small brown roll (1/2 HEb)

S- 1 alpen bar (1/2 HEb), snack maltezers (5 syns) Mug of Cadburys hilights (2) made with 1/2 milk (HEa)

Total Syns 7
Friday - Day 17

Well have made a commitment to lose a stone by Christmas.. wow that would just be amazing... fingers crossed (and legs..and eyes)

It dawned on me last night, that I haven't had a 5 O'Clock slump for ages, I have always had this nap thing..thought it was due to my age lol, but have not had it, I feel I have been in a better mood and I have began to forget about constantly picking.. wonder if this is all normal??

Okay blubbering enough, here goes for todays food consumption.. writing it now as on ly second glass of wine (final glass too) and feeling very relaxed for a friday eve...

B - 2 slices of nimble w/meal (1 HEb) with marmite and a tspn spread (1 syn) Mullerlight

L- Stirfry using free + 1 Amoy noodles ( 1syn)
Banana and Mullerlight

D- Homemade curry (potato and spinach) Basmati rice, 2 small glasses of red wine (10 syns)

S- snack maltezers (5 syns) not yet eaten..

Ouch 17 syns...oooooh dear... oh well its friday..:D and the wine tasted sooooo goooood lol mm decision another wine or maltezers.... mmm nope going for the maltezers... cor there are days when these syns don't go very far!!! (think of weight lost at Christmas!!)
Poo! Just realised I haven't had all my a's and b's so later will ensure I have a couple of ryvitas and a couple of giggling cow pouches.. (mm more food like it!!).
Quick log in tonight as want to get back and catch up with prison break.. so here goes

B - Bowl of melon, apple, banana and few grapes + plain yog

L- Left overs from last nights curry

D- Jacket potato with chilli and quark mashed in with potato, portion of batchelors curry rice with a little extra curry powder.. dinner was yummy btw

S- 2 laughing cow giggles and 2 ryvitas (1 HEa and 1HEb) 1 bag of lingos (smokey bacon-wer yuk but still ate them) 3 Syns, 2 Alpen bars (HEb) pack of maltezers (5 syns) 3 glasses of wine (15 syns) 1 mullerlight... lol what a lot of snacks...mmm maybe snacking is the problem .. or could be the wine... so total is 23 Syns ooops.. Schofield won't want me at this rate!!
Sunday - Day 19

A so-so day, have managed to survive eating out at the Thai buffet restaurant, which was a real accomplishment yet feel tonight as if my weightloss has been slow and I'm not feeling much different, bit cheesed off really grrrr :break_diet: ...will have to see what Wednesday's weigh in shows up..

well here goes for my Sunday accumulation of culinary delights...

B- made up the pasta quiche using a packet of batchelors pasta n sauce, a tub of cottage cheese, 3 eggs and 1 quarter of the quark tub (free). Was really surprised, it was gorgeous... ate 1/2 for breakfast. Had a slice of melon too.

L- Chinese/Thai Buffet
Had 6 sushi slices (all with just the basics in - a nibble of salmon, rice, veg wrapped in seaweed) Haven't a clue what these would be but have to be just a few syns surely... (guessing 2 syns??)
Had a mix from the tepanyaki bar of ..
tiny slithers of salmon (HEb), noodles, and veg ? the chef used a dab of oil.. (2 syns?) but thats about it.
1 mini veg spring roll (it was teeny 2 syns) and a fruit salad for dessert!! 6 Syns?

S- Other half of quiche- and cold it tasted even better.
A few homemade crisps and glass of wine last one til weekend (5 syns)

Hope I am feeling a bit more positive in the morning:sigh:, hoping my jeans will start feeling looser!! x fingers crossed.

Guessing 11 syns for the day
Stop Picking!

Todays order was to stop picking, having read through other members diaries, I have realised I am greedy and am taking the 'eat loads' motto too literally.. no wonder my weight loss results are crappy... hopefully as of tomorrow I'll be more active, so that will hopefully get things burning..

So here goes for today..

B - 2 slices of nimble (1HEb) with 2 low laughing cow cheeses (1/2 HEa) and marmite.. sounded nice but just gave me wicked heartburn!!! Slice of melon.

L - 4 plums, some blueberries in a mullerlight yog.

D- 1/4 free quiche with sprinkling of cheese (HEa). Melon slice.

S- 3 Ryvita (HEb) and 2 Laughing cows (1/2 HEa)
1 snack maltezers (not yet had!) 5 Syns

Total daily Syns 5


Just follow the plan
I would have ate all that quiche lol
Lol Flipflop, would have done, but made the other half for hubs and daughter and they had lashings of cheese ontop (drooling at the mouth!!) and needed the other quarter to nibble today.. but have to agree it is bloomin gorgeous!!

Flip, Have you ever tried making it up with a sliced potato base? I think I may have to have a go...


Just follow the plan
Yeah, thats the way I used to make it 2 years ago when I did SW before. Takes a bit of cooking to get the potato soft though.
Tuesday Day 21

So my third week on SW, with weigh in tomorrow morning :(.. all I want is a lb lost but we shall see..

Todays Menu

B- 28g Bran Flakes (HEb) and a banana, Milk from daily allowance (HEa)

L- Melon, Banana and grapes, 3 Babybel lights (HEa) and 3 cherry toms

D- 2 Linda McCartney sausages (4), onions, mash and green beans

S- 1/4 free quiche, mullerlight, milky coffee (rest of HEa) maltezers (5)

Syns 9 Only 1 HEb!! tut tut
Wednesday Day 22

Bad Day Eating Wise today, have not been naughty just not very sensible, was running late this morning so no brekkie and hadn't planned day .. still weigh in showed another lb loss so all good

B- Banana and Alpen bar (HEb)

L- Batchelors pasta and sauce, 3 babybels and 3 toms (HEa)

D- Hot shot with a laughing cow giggle melted in it (1/2 HEa) and an alpen bar (HEb other)

S- Ryvita minis (HEb) Milky Coffee (1/2 HEa)

No Syns


Just follow the plan
Well done on your 1lb loss x

Whats a hotshot Dee?
Morning Flip, How are things going for you?
Hotshots are noodly (is that the correct term lol) cup a soups, and as far as I am aware, are free. I bought mine from Tesco in 2 flavours Tomato and sweet and sour I think the other one is. Quite nice and quick to make.

Thanks for my well done too Flip, I know a pound a week is not a lot but it is coming off steadily.. I am back at Uni and begin a placement next week (so will be in full time work for 3 months) so getting busy should really help get things moving weightwise (fingers crossed.. or I'll be so stressed.. I will comfort eat my way through it lol) Hope your day goes well x


Just follow the plan
Oh I see! I thought it was one of those but theyre called mugshots so I thought maybe I was missing out on a hotshot lol.

I only lost a lb this week too but I dont mind and like you say its slow but steady.

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