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Deja Vu


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I had been soooo goood all week - checked my weight (obsessive weigher here) and was down to 12 3lb but then there was the weekend.. and going out...and yes i had some vodkas... and then there was Sunday. I was good up to a point - then had a healthy!! wrap with chicken and lots of veg. (hangover induced - no excuses i know) Weighed myself there now and i am up to 12 6 again :( i know i have only self to blame - would i be better on the maintainance having one meal or am i just codding myself thinking i can get this to work..
Weigh in 2m eve. I can already feel the disppointment in myself :( Why is food ruling my life - and yet how can we not eat? Please share some of yer fabulous willpower. :sigh:

(Sharing is helping as otherwise I could just rush out and order chinese takeaway with some mars bars to follow...)
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DONT DO IT HUN!!!!!!!!!!NON to chinese! I totally nearly went off the rails last weekend as I couldnt go for an official weigh in for 2 weeks. After weighing myself after bout 8 days I thought I only lost 1lb and couldve smacked somebody, the scales havent budged all this week either, but I plodded along this am and found id lost 9lbs. So the moral of my essay is, dont use ur scales, they can be ur worst enemy and take you off course! Just keep swimmin hun, you can do it xxxxxxxxxx


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thanx CC - i know the chinese would be wrong... i need more water (wish i liked the tap variety but am a bottler! ) just thinking i had some flavoured water today picked it up by mistake and wasnt able get to the shop but craved some H2O so drank it - trust me i know it wasnt the big issue over the weekend but it hasn't helped - i'm off to load up on pure H2O right now! (after neighbours obviously)
Listen, well done for coming on here and confessing, but to be honest there really is no excuse for what you did. LT is TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT, don't kid yourself that its not. Its black and white, no grey areas at all. Either do it or don't, you'll end up out of pocket and your head will be melted!!! So no more cheating hun!!
its black and white...

The reason I like lipotrim is because it is so black and white.

You dont eat food or drink alcohol.

I am loving the break from food and drink as it really is retraining my brian to rethink my habits and form new psoitive beliefs that will stand by me when I got to refeed and maintenance.

I sometimes feel compelled to eat! But I will never give in. You need self discipline and strong will power to succeed, its mind over matter - every time you win the battle you will feel stronger and more confident that you are changing your life for the better.

Dont give in - dont be weak - be strong - you can do it! ;)

Well said Julz!

The only way this diet will work is if you stick to it. One binge or indiscretion will lead to another and another! And then you will be wasting your money!

Remember why you want to lose weight and write it on a post it and stick it everywhere you will see it! Better still stick a photo of you now and an outfit you want to be able to wear.

The only person you cheat on is you! That's why I have been so determined this time - I've broken more diets than my eldest has had hot dinners!

Think how pleased you will be at your next WI. Hang in there hunny - we are here to help you but you have to want it!!!

Good luck.

If I was you I would go out and get that chinky and mars bars, as its blatantly obvious you dont want to lose weight, ooops nearly forgot, dont forget a bottle of vodka to wash it down with, ENJOY!:rolleyes:
I found a new forum for you hope it helps or at least makes you think, skinny mini, sorry cant call you that yet can we:rolleyes:
All of the above are right - My feeling is that before you even start with LT you have to have it nailed in your head that you want to do it - why you want to do it and that no matter what you will do it until you get where you want!! So throw away the scales - they aint gonna help - as the guys and gals say - this diet is simple - drink the shakes and drink the lake of water everyday and you WILL lose weight!! You don't need the scales as the weekly weigh in will testify to your success and will only mess with your head if yu get on them any other time!!

Stick with it and enjoy the benefits!!

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