Delicious syn free bolognase tip/recipe with tons of hidden superfree!


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Hi all!

Just wanted to share a tip for bolognase- if you grate a whole courgette (not to pulp but to shreds like cheese) and cook your spag bowl on a low heat over a few hours, it is AMAZING and I swear you cant taste the courgette, it sort of melts and becomes like very soft onion in texture!

I have only gotten into cooking this past couple of years, (am not a great chef but have been praised for my bolognaises) and have been making spag bol for ages but only now am getting it perfect every time.
Have been making slowly cooked bolognase and having a bowl of it plain on red days this week- SO yummy! Such a treat... Have mastered the art of hiding superfree in it ;) my veg hating boyfriend licked the plate.

The full way I make it is below. Take about 10-15 mins to prep and can be eaten after ten mins of cooking but is a thousand times better a few hours later on a slow heat.

I chop two big onions into frylight on a medium-high setting for a few minutes keeping them moist with balsamic vinegar, water and adding a bit of splenda to help them caramelise, then turn down to a low setting and let them sauté for another 5.
Let the extra lean mince beef get to room temp for ten mins as the onions cook, season well (before cooking) and cook alone (I transfer the onions to a plate and use that pan) for best results. Fry meat on medium heat until no longer pink then add onions back in, half a tomato puree tube/whole passata carton/tin of chopped tomatoes (whatever is availible!) two crushed beef stock cubes, oregano/basil/rosemary and a fair splash of soy sauce and worchester. I throw in a diced pepper or two (finely chopped if you arent a fan) any colour works well, then put the lid on and leave it on the lowest setting for as long as you can resist (2hrs+ makes it really yum!) stirring every half an hour or so so that it doesnt burn. All of the veg take on the meat flavour and become so soft that you can barely notice the veg- great for kids or fussy eaters like my OH...

Re-season with balsamic/worchester/soy sauce if it needs it later, I dont go by measurements just by taste... Always tastes fantastic. The plate ends up about half super free but you wouldnt know it! Fab on pasta or just alone- I eat it like a chilli/soup. Even better after a night in the fridge when everything has had tine to set. Mmm.

100% free on red and ee, no hex's!
I recommed prepping this first thing when you have a day off at home and letting it slowly cook until lunch time.
One 500g extra lean mince + all this will serve 4 adults (with pasta) and can be frozen.

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Sounds lovely- might give this a try tomorrow as I have mince in and a courgette I haven't got a clue what to do with!!


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S: 20st4lb C: 12st2lb G: 13st4lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 8st2lb(40.14%)
Hope you like! But basically though do your regular bolognase but leave it slowly for ages and keep it moist- it'll be ten times nicer :D def try the courgette grated, I put it in a pasta sauce and a paella yest too!