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Dentist tomorrow for 2 teeth out....

oh lord girls tomorrow at 11.30, I'm sh***ing myself.

Any tips on how to stay calm or how to cope whilst having it our or just any advise at all will be appreciated!!!

at least i wont be in any more pain thats what i will have to keep thinking!

I'm one not very happy bunny
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Emma, don't worry. It will be a bit uncomfortable but not painful - dentistry has advanced enormously.
And it'll make you lighter next weigh-in :D
Chin up (literally, lol)


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My advice would be to breathe. I have never been afraid of the dentist, but I was very nervous when I had to get my wisdom tooth out last year. I won't scare you with the tale, I'll just say make sure you have a lot of 'soft' foods ready at home (soups etc.) and have frequent salt water mouth washes as they speed up healing. Good luck.
Thanks girls lol

well i have not eaten all day im that nervous, and it looks like tomorrow is going to be limited food intake, so its all good for the old waist line.

im actually not that scared of dentist, but this time im bricking it!

superspeed soup is a plan im going to look the recipe up now.

Hi Emma
I don't have much advice from a patients point of view, but can offer some information from the dental team side.
Tell the dentist and the nurse that you are nervous, they will have a better understanding and will be able to assist you. Dental care professionals (not just the dentist) are now qualified and registered profesional people, and throughout their training learn how to improve the patient journey.
Take your own music, ask if you can use your mp3 to really block out the noise.
Ask them to either tell you or not tell you what is happening - as you feel, some people prefer to know and others do not.
Talk to them, they are people too. You can ask them to talk about TV, music, movies, holidays, anything you like, while providing treatment, if it distracts you from what is happening.
Confirm a action, which means stop, its usually raise your left hand, but could be anything you mutally agree on.
One final piece of advice, - sit still in the chair. Jigglying or crossing and uncrossing your legs or arms, moves your whole body inlcuding your mouth.


Now to maintain.....
definately make them aware how nervous you are!!! the above post by skinny fi is execellent!
i just had to post to give you a big massive hug...will be thinking of you xxx
Thanks girls, wish i could just go now and get it done, i think the waiting is the worst.

skinny_fi thanks for advice, oh lord im not looking forward to it, last time i had a tooth out i ended up in a&e getting my gums stitched up as the bleeding would not stop.

stop i stop it im scaring myself now.:cry:
ive had all my wisdom teeth out (hence im a mad bear now!!!)

and i was sedated for both of them (two seperate sessions) - maybe ask for this as an option? I had a drip into the arm and didnt feel a thing :D xxx
Oh I sympathise, I had a procedure a couple of weeks ago and it's awful as I'm a total phobe when it comes to anything medical. I always tell them that I want a LOT of anaesthetic (don't know if they pay any attention but it makes me feel better!), that I'm a complete jessie and a very nervous patient. Usually they then try to put you more at ease which does kind of help a bit. The worst part - bar the interminable waiting - is usually the injection at the beginning and from then I just try to zone out and let them get on with it. I was advised to mouthwash with salt water every couple of hours (after the first 24) so make sure you have some salt in and you can take paracetomol or similar if you feel you need to. Just remember it's a means to an end, it won't hurt and you'll feel better afterwards. Love the idea that losing a couple of teeth will boost your weight loss btw - lol! Good luck xx


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i also get knocked out ellebear!!!!!!!!
love it!!! as well as getting really scared/nervous i also have a really bad gag reflex so my dentist refers me to the anaesthetic clinic so i get knocked out if i need treatment.
oh god im going in 10 minutes, im not calm and im no longer holding it together lol

mouth is dry, this happens when im nervous.

right im off thanks for all advice girls shall shut my eyes and think of britain



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good luck chick.....sending lots of big squidgy hugs xxx
Are you O.K. Emma ??

hugs xxxx
i made it!!!!!, had one tooth out and a root canal filling on the other one.

dentist took another x ray and decied that one tooth was worth trying to save. so i agreed to filling it.

i think the flaming root canal filling was worse than the extract.

anyway im alive lol bit sore and bruised. oh but girls its amazing how sucking on tiny bits of choclate can make you feel better.

only got 4 more fillings to go now, thats what you get for not going to dentist for 5 years!!!


Now to maintain.....
well done emma xxx
Well done Emma. I hope the chocolate has done the trick.

I saw these and they made me smile and I knew they would make you smile too.

Hugs xxxxxxx


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Glad it went well!

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