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depressed, am losing but think OH is not happy with it


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sorry in advance for moaning. Hvae lost over half a stone in past month & things seem to be going ok on diet front> but since I have gotten focused on slimming & cut down drinking, My OH is making life hell. Not sure if he is jealous that I am focused now or what. He is losing weight also but still likes a wine with dinner. Its so much easier for men because they start the day with a bigger allowance! But everything I do at the moment starts a monumental moan.

Sorry to rant, and sorry if this is in wrong section. It seems as if as soon as I get my head around doing slimming world & it starts working something else crops up to do my head in. DEEP breath. Thanks feel much better now that I've had a moan.
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Is it the lack of drinking he objects to or the fact you're losing weight with SW?

And you're not moaning! This is what we're here for - the trials as well as the victories - so vent away!



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I think its a bit of both plus being more independant, he says I dont tell him everything???????????? like does he really want to know what I ate today? etc etc or could be because i go gym nearly everyday, will have to persevere REALLY want to lose weight this time!


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Maybe he feels a bit insecure that your taking control of your life and doing something for yourself. Maybe you need to sit him down and let him know your doing this for you and not to attract other men. And that just because you've got something new in your life (SW and the GYM) doesn't mean your going to forget about him. If he can see how much better your looking and feeling about yourself he's going to know that other men are going to see this too.
Whatever you do don't let him stop you doing whats best for yourself. Good luck hun. x


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when my hubby became a gym junkie it freaked me right out! I want him to be successful and happy and I love that he is independent... i just needed a little reassurance that he wasnt doing it because he thought i was a hippo or that he was dissatisfied with our marriage. prehaps if you had a little chat about what you are doing and why, he'll calm down a bit? if that doesnt work then he is just being selfish and needs a big kick! xxx


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S: 10st2lb C: 10st2lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thank you for all advice. Well its onwards & upwards regardless!
Maybe he is worried that you will be a slim Jim & be off. I have read loads of times about men becoming worried about this, so he just maybe needs lots of reassurence.

Good on you for sticking to the plan though - you sounjd really motivated which is great.

Oh & onwards & downwards, lol x x

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Have you thought about going to the gym together? That way, even if he doesnt want to go, he wont feel left out and less threatened by it all? I do this with my Hubby. I teach jive and a lot of people that I know have split up from their partners because of it. I just reassure my Hubby that Im not going anywhere and I married him for life, not just for Christmas !! Im surrounded by very fit men at work (work at an army air base) and they are there at the gym whenever I go...yes, they are very nice to look at, but I love my Hubby! As soon as your OH realises that, then everything else will slot into place.


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