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Depressed now :( weigh in this morning


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I knew I hadn't lost much as I feel quite bloated and constipated but I wasn't expecting today's result :( I didn't lose ANYTHING!Not even half a pound.Really struggling now.I did lose some half an inch off my bust, half off my waist, an inch off my hips and an inch off my thighs....but I'm so upset about not losing anything at all.
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Oh hun don't be down! Like you dsaid you're constipated so that's probably contributed... How's your water intake? Maybe drink a bit more this week? Plus like you said you'rve lost inches which is the most important thing! I'd rather the scale read 20st and I had a 26 inch waist than the other way around! Good luck and stay positive, can you imagine how huge your loss will be next week with this week's STS? Almost worth staying the same!!!


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Try to stay positive! I would feel supersad if I didn't loose any one week, but just look at those inches! If you've lost inches you've lost something. The scales cannot always be trusted as you might be retaining water and so on. Keep up the good work!


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I'm sure like others have said that you'll lose next week :) I know that doesn't help now and it can be demotivating.

You're doing so, so well though. Think of it as a blip and I bet once you've been to the toilet you'll feel less bloated. x


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Same boat ..however working it out when i got home i lost 1lb this week ...could have cried my eyes out as i have ben 100% like you and over bank holiday even past up the best meal ever etc i wanted to be rewarded in lbs loss - but others said to me as long as your sticky to the diet it will come off i like you was constipated ... & i really feel that had a lot to do with it drink lots of water this week and stick with it don't let this cause a blip you can do this sweetie ... here is to next's week Wi ...and inch loss is fantatsic !!


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Chin up, hun! I am happy for you that you atleast lost those inches - I have read on the other threads that this can happen even if you are 100% on the diet. Look on the bright side, your clothes must be feeling great to wear with the inches gone ;-)


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S: 21st8lb C: 19st6lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 2st2lb(9.93%)
Thanks all-at least I can count on you all for support unlike my OH who is no help whatsoever.


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Im gutted when i have a small loss, we all expect so much beacause we dont eat at all, but i will repeat what other have said it will be water retention, inches are deffo coming off, saw your pics, that should be enough to get though till next weigh in


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Bet you have a good loss next week!!! Those inches off are brilliant...keep at it and keep your much slimmer chin up!!



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I stayed the same the other week, it was hard going but I stuck to it and am very happy I did
Hi Rose,,,
I always look at peoples loss stats for inspiration and I have noticed people do have sts weeks even when they have been 100%
I think sometimes your body just has a rest, takes stock of it's diminishing size and holds onto some water...
Plus all the hormonal fluctuations we women get....
I'm sure when it happens to me, I too will be fed up.. but keep going and I'm sure next week you will get a pleasant surprise :)



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There is a theory that when we're losing weight, our fat cells, whilst in the process of shrinking (you don't get rid of them completely unless you have them sucked out by liposuction or literally cut away from you :eek:), fill up with water instead.

It's a theory - no one quite knows if it's true - but it's a theory I quite like, especially when you have STS weeks. All of a sudden, those fat cells will give up trying to hold on to the water and you'll have a visit from what the low carb diet brigade call the 'whoosh fairy' and drop 2-3 pounds seemingly overnight... :bliss:

Here's a link to Lyle McDonald's website - he's the guy who's suggested the theory. This is the post in which he explains it all a bit more: Fat cell water content and fat loss - BodyRecomposition Support Forums

So stay strong, okay? It's coming off - and you will see results. It's just you might have to wait until next week to see what they are!

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Honey, You're pictures last night are really impressive. Just hang on to how much you've lost and how far you've come. It's so frustrating when this happens but we have to look at next weeks weighin instead and think at least no weight has gone on and you've kept off those pounds. You can do this fellow Shrinklie. Big hug x


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Hey hon .
big hugs to you as I know it must be such a disappointment when that happens especially if you have been so good all week.
My cdc always says to me that most people have a week where they dont lose anything and not to be disappointed.
You have done extremely welk so far . 57 pounds in 9 weeks is unreal..
Chin up hon you are doing amazing!!! I am sure you will have a big loss next week our bodies work in such strange ways..


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S: 12st2lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 25 Loss: 2st1lb(17.06%)
Oh hun I'm sorry you feel bad :( Try upping your water intake, your body must be retaining water as you aren't drinking enough (which would also explain why you're constipated)

You say you haven't lost anything but you have! The proof is in the inches off, and what your body looks like is much more important than how much you actually weigh - no-one is going to see your weight but they are going to see YOU, and your body. I'd rather have inches off and no weight, than weight but looking the same!

Chin up, keep going, you've done so well so far :) xxx
Thats an interesting article Lilly....
I was reading about dehydration and how this causes the fat cells to hold onto water... and when enough water is present, water from the cells is released too...
An incentive to keep sipping!


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Bet you get a whoosh next week.

Hang in there chick, it will happen for you!

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