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Depression and CD

I know i have a lot going on at the moment but I'm struggling to hide the fact that i'm utterly depressed. Can't even explain it, just lost the will to do anything.

I could quite happily just sit and stare into space all day every day. Nothing interests me, i have no energy or motivation to even get up in the morning (and thats usually afer a rubbish nights sleep)

Does anyone else feel like this on CD? I don't want it to be because of who i am.
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Hey babes, sorry to hear you sounding so low and it worries me as it isn't like you. If memory serves me correctly I think SS can make you feel low but I am by no means an expert. I know this isn't strictly towing the line but nothing and I mean nothing and no diet is worth becoming depressed for so if there is any chance that this may be the cause you need to think long and hard about whether you stick with it.

love n hugs
Hi Leah, sorry dont know much about CD and how it can make you feel, but just wanted to send some hugs your way. x :hug99::hug99::hug99:

Take care and look after yourself. x x


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That's how I feel at the moment and I just can't explain it either... I am biting DH head off constantly... Just down...x so I know exactly how you feel...

Oh hun, It may be a culmination of everything that's going on. Your workload must be pretty heavy, and maybe normally you would eat to maybe feel better about it?

I'm actually the same, but was before starting CD, I'm only doing A2 level photography at night to escape the kids/house, (so nowhere near your workload) but I have no motivation either to get my written work done, the house is a tip most of the time and there are a hundred and one things that I need to do , but because there is so much I just can't do anything.
My sis suggested writing lists and then getting satisfaction of crossing off things that have been completed, but I can't be bothered to write the lists...hmmm.

So maybe a boost to the seratonin, some exercise, some fresh air, and maybe a weekend away from it all.

If it's any help I did CD last year, and when i first went on it i had headaches nausea etc for the 1st/2nd week. Then i felt great for a few months, and i sunk into a depression phase.

My cdc then, told me to go out and buy myself some nice bubble bath, face masks etc to relax. Which i did, then i went out. Then i saw some photos of when we were out and saw my weight loss. I was well chuffed!

Why dont you do some pics of yourself dressed up nice and see if it boosts your emotions.

Chin up hun x x x


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Hey Leah,

Sorry to hear you are feeling down :(.

Some people do find that CD can trigger bouts of depression. CD may be one aspect of your feelings at the moment, but look at the bigger picture hunni. You have a whole stack of stuff on your plate at the moment, it's no wonder you are not your normal self.

My advice would be to sit with a pen and paper and write down everything that you have to do. Put the deadlines next to everything and then prioritise accordingly. Make yourself a timetable perhaps??? I know this approach really helped with my degree (alongside a full time job :rolleyes:). You might feel a bit more 'with it' and ready to go once you have some order to it all.

And most all, don't forget to schedule some 'Leah time' into it all. All work and no play .... ;):D

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I feel EXACTLY the same Leah and I'm not on CD at the moment. Is it a Uni thing? My summatives are coming up and I just can't face them - I don't think I've got another essay in me.

I can't offer any advice (and you've been given some good tips by others) - just want you to know it's probably not CD.

To be different I've found that being on CD has improved how I feel. I've been struggling with being on the edge of depression for a while - not bad enough to be on medication, but bad enough to make me feel pretty grim, and I have to say I haven't felt this good in a LONG time.

Maybe it's because I'm getting a balanced diet (despite the lack of calories!), or because I'm in a positive frame of mind about sticking to te diet, but whatever it is it's working for me.

I can see that a longer way into the diet the monotony could make you start to feel low again, but I would say that if you are feeling low and it's come on after you've been on CD for a while, then it is probably to do with an external factor.

Take a step back and write all your worries and fears down so you can take a rational look at them, perspective makes a huge difference, then if you still feel that you can't overcome your demons then speak to a dr, as it is an illness which can be helped, and there is no stigma in looking after yourself:hug99:


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Hey Leah, are you ok? I know exactly what you mean bout being depressed. Last year I got really tearful and lethargic to the point of not wanting to interact with anyone, not wanting to go out and it was even a struggle to bother to do basic things like shower (sorry if thats grim)

I didn't realise it at the time but it probably was depression. I don't think it was just CD though, uni stress and bf issues may have contributed. Maybe our boides are just shocked into it from the lack of food we are giving it! Chocolate = happiness so chocolate deprivation = sadness?!

Anyway hope you're ok and try and get out and cheer yourself up. try going shopping in Lush, as previously suggested. You may not be able to have everything due to your excema but honey I washed the kids soap and dream cream are amazing for it. Good Luck sweets!
Sorry you're feeling c*ap BG, I can understand totally, I'm a jolly person usually (and not the 'fat but jolly against the odds' that people assume I am but actually happy) but the last 2 weeks or so I can't be arsed to do much which has increased to barely bothering to smile. Went to Bham Sunday to see OH's family (they're lovely) they kept saying how great I looked but I thought cheers I feel sh*te! Everything except gawping into space is an effort, I haven't been on Mini's either til now and I can't imagine I'll stay long even though I love it! Sorry I can't help but I sure can sympathise! Hopefull it'll pass, the eatings fine cos opening a satchet is about all I can manage anyway! Big love to you Leah, I'm sure it'll get better bbxx
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Do you think the government is putting something in the water supply? Can't have us being happy now can they!

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!


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I have manic depression but recently have been much more depressed than manic. I don't know if its this diet or not. I send *hugs* to you.
Hey guys,

Made lists a plenty, and although i'm getting through them i'm finding it hard to just "type". Every word is a struggle. Exercise - yes, been swimming a lot which really helps until i step back in through the front door. I feel like i get hit by a tidal wave of stress every morning and as soon as i enter the house.

The other major issue is my eczema - ok, so its worse because i'm stressed, but it's a vicious circle cos it makes me stressed too. I swear CDis just bad for you if you have eczema.

This isn't the first time i've done CD, an it isn't the first time i've stopped cos of depression. I recognise it as a fantastic diet, it's just not for me at all.

Where's my silver lining gone? Lost the light at the end of the tunnel (and the cat just threw up on the sofa..........)

Thank you so much for your answers x
Nope, it's a long story...

Also, i seriously haven't got the time to drive there, wait, and drive back for someone to tell me "that i'm making a fuss over nothing". Gits
I know this isnt permanent though, i'm just going through some difficulty at the moment. Also, it'd worry people around me too much xx


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It will worry people more if you become more depressed. You honestly cannot predict the course of depression. Yes, it may pass but I say give it a month. If you still feel low, or even lower, you need to get help.

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