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Depression and weight loss?


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Hello everyone

Really delighted to come across this website, lots of info and inspiration.

I currently weigh just under 20 stone , am 5 ft 7 so need to lose around 8 stone approx.

I have always been overweight and have always been mildly depressed and dealt with some serious eating disorders when I was younger (dont have any at the moment bar overeating).However, when I had my first child I suffered quite badly with PND, was put on medication which I didnt manage very well and subsequently 3 years and another child later I am still on medication (Efexor 75mg daily) and put on approx 4 stone as well.

I have found the medication really seems to hinder any weight loss attempts, makes it difficult to focus and there is a lot of comfort eating. I am in a catch 22 that if I ate better, exercised more etc I could possibly get myself off the meds (which is my plan) but the meds seem to be making this very difficult.. I am stopping and starting various eating plans but hope to stick with ww eventually.

Thanks so much for reading this, if there was anybody out there in the same position I would be delighted to hear from you (or anyone with any adivice to be honest!)

Good luck to everyone
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welcome jo. and good luck. what plan are you following? if your goal is to eat more healthily and lose weight i would suggest something like weight watchers or slimming world as they do let you have the odd treat but teach you how to eat more healthily and you lose weight. you also have the added incentive of being weighed once a week. and a support group. just thought a plan like this might satisfy your needs best.

everyone here is lovely and no doubt you will be bombarded with advice shortly :D

abz xx
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Hi, I have tried quite a few different medications over the years for my anxiety and OCD and I found that Prozac made me loose my appetite and I lost weight on this but when I came of it (it made my ocd worse) I regained my appetite and the weight. It maybe worth trying a few different types to find one that keep your appetite low, I know on some I was so so drowsy and non interested I would graze all day which made me gain. If you are getting hungry on WW would suggest you eat lots of no point treats like veg or soups and drink a lot of water. Give yourself a week or so and the need for non healthy food should subside. I know for myself when I am low I eat high fat or high sugar foods which creates a craving for these foods over and over but if you break the cycle it gets easier to stay on track.
Good luck with your weight loss and I hope your diet can help reduce the depression, if you do a google search for depression/anxiety diets there is some good lists of foods to eat and to avoid.


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Hi hun, I was on prozac about 4 years ago and I was on medication last year for General Anxiety Disorder. I am now off both although I still suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. My doctor told me to deal with my head first then my weight but that was a catch 22 as I was feeling more and more low about my weight which wasn't helping my anxiety. I weened myself off the meds (with some success although towards the end I felt very unsettled) and started exercising and healthy eating. The exercise did help as it enabled me to focus (and it releases the feel good hormone) and now (9 months later) I have gone to CD. starting WW sounds a great idea and I wish you all the best in your journey xx


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sorry, i have just realised that all my blah was completely redundant as that was your plan anyways, sorry about that :S

abz xx


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Thanks to everyone for your replies. I am actually quite suprised how easily I poured out my life story in my first post !!

Abz - yep its ww I am hoping to get back on track with and thanks for your best wishes.

Crimson noir and 30flirtygirl, thanks for sharing your stories. I really hope to wean myself off the meds soon as generally I am feeling quite good in myself. I really do believe good eating habits and exercise can help milder mental health issues ( I understand that their are far more serious cases out there that need a chemical intervention).

But yep, its the ole catch 22 , the chicken and the egg etc.:) Just need to get motivated and start helping myself.


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Well don't forget we're here to help you so you're not alone ;) :hug99:
Hiya, I really sympathise, most of the weight I have to loose is due to my depression 3 years ago & being on citalopram & fluanxol.

I also had PND after my last baby was born 5mths ago & even though I managed to avoid the meds, I still gained another stone comfort eating.

The problem is, when you feel depressed you will do anything to feel better, for me that was food, the richer & more calorific the better.

I wish you all the luck in the world, you can do this, maybe get your meds decreased a little each month & see how you feel?

Good luck!


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Hi again
Thanks to everyone for your advice and support. Planning on starting my diet and a journal tomorrow over on the weight loss diary thread.
best of luck to everyone

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