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Derren Brown sofa sticking

oooh I've set this to record!
omg i stuck like glue. only just got free :eek:
it was the weirdest things ever and i still feel tingly now. tried calling the number but couldnt get through.
at first i just felt really really heavy but i was convinced i would still be able to move. son, hubby and sons friend were not affected at all.
i then pushed behind my back to move, i sat forward with my back but my legs were fixed in position.
i dont think they believed me at all UNTIL my son sat on floor in front of me and tried to lift my leg . it wouldnt move off the floor. u could see my legs were relaxed but they were set like stone in their position
i was really calm at first but after the release message i expected to be released immediately and i wasnt so i felt a tad panicky although still quite giddy with it.
it died off quite slowly and i still have some pins and needles type tingling in tops of legs, bottoms of feet and buttocks. im sure that will pass though
I stuck as well (well my arm did)!! Strangest feeling I have ever had. Watched it twice, the first time I just randomly laughed for no reason but the second time I really concentrated and it worked! Couldn't lift my arm at all, felt like someone was sat on it lol my bro txt me and I wanted to reach for my phone to txt back but it just didn't happen. Derren is amazing!! Buying tickets tomorrow for his Enigma tour, should be fun! :)


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