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Desperate times...

Hello everyone! So I've spent the last few days of having a wee snoop on your forum I finally decided to join in the hopes that maybe some of your motivation and massive achievements will rub off on me!

Over the last few years the pounds have been creeping on...and on...and on!! I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to taking care of myself, so I'm hoping if I've got somewhere to write down my bad habits I might stop doing them!! It's hard getting the support from family and friends because they don't really always understand, so it would be good to find others that are going through the same thing.

So anyway! I'm sitting around 13st at the moment (for someone who is 5 foot 2 inches, that pretty heavy!) and I'd love to get down to 9st 7lb or 9st if I'm being really ambitious! But I've always been curvy and to be honest I'd rather keep the curves on my top half, so if that means settling for 10st or something then so be it as long as I'm happy! (is that bad of me...?)

I think more than anything else I just want to feel healthy again. I'm terribly bloated, I feel sluggish and just generally icky! There are things that I can do with very little effort that will help me, but just out of sheer apathy I don't. About 8 years ago I was told I had an underactive thyroid and at the time I was young and figured since I was doing aright it didn't really matter if i took my medication or not. Now I'm a bit older I think it's finally catching up on me and it's a habit I need to change!!

Anyway, I can sit here and go on all day so sorry for the massive rant! I hope to get to know everyone a bit better over the next wee while :) and I hope you can all maybe help kick me into shape!!!

Thanks :)
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Hi ya tweety, you are definitely in the right place mate, a couple of things I picked up in your intro, 1. You said a few years back you were said to have an under-active thyroid, well I'd get that checked properly and that may determine what you should be doing diet wise and the other thing was 2. you were wondering if settling for 10st was "bad for you" Tweety, if you want to settle for 10st that's perfect for you, as its you that is doing the diet and living your life, get to where your comfortable and stick with it it's up to no one else to say what's right or wrong for you ;) keep yourself posting on the forum and keep looking through the various posts and you will find lots of inspiration on here. ( did you notice I kept away from where you mentioned curves) :eek: Welcome to the forum mate ;)


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Hey welcome to the boards!

You sound very familiar I'm 5"2 started at 12.11 and want to get down to 9.7 ASAP!!

I turned 30 last year and I'm determined to see my 31 as a healthy bmi!

What diet plan are you following?
Thanks! :) I'm feeling super welcomed already!

Caretaker, I get myself checked every year. For about 2 months before I'm due my check up I get super motivated and start taking my medication as I should (which results in my blood tests coming back ok) and then I slowly go down hill to taking it once or twice a month for the next 10 months! I have no idea why - I think I just have an attitude problem with it!! But you right that I should probably speak to my GP about my diet etc to see what would be best for me :) Thanks for your comments - honestly, I already feel more motivated! My curves will always be here (even when I was down at 8 1/2 st they were still around!), so I just need to be proud of them!! I always just tell myself - there are people out there who pay good money to have an upper half like mine! :D

Lucy, it's good to hear there's someone out there similar to me! I just turned 25 last week and I think it's made me realise I'm no longer the young thing I was 7-8 years ago and I can't get away with it anymore! To be honest I don't have a diet plan as such just now. I think generally eating healthier (more home cooked meals rather than ones from a packet), having breakfast (something I've never really done before!!), drinking more water etc. Are you on a diet just now? I'm open to options so if there's something working for someone else I'll try it! :)


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S: 12st11lb C: 14st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 37.3 Loss: -1st11lb(-13.97%)
Lol getting older is super depressing especially when it comes to those pesky scales!!

Yeah I'm on exante basically meal replacements tbh I feel like a bit of a failure for being on it as I'm a great believer in diet and exercise (I lost 6 stone doing just that!) however I'm being treated for a hormone imbalance which had seen me gain 2 1/2 stone in a matter of month which no amount of gym going or dieting (I've done them all) had shifted.

So instead of gaining I'm doing it the crappy way and hoping for some sort of miracle so I have some hope of maintaining lol

I think 10 is a good amount to go for I felt do much better at 10.7, I had a good bum, no so much on top but def I had curves now we're more into wobbles which def needs to b shifted!

Good luck in however you lose it if u want any advice (I've paid for hypnotherapy/ww/nutritionalist/pt...) just give me a shout!

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