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I think i'm the only person left posting in the April starters thread, I'd come and talk to you!
That is a great idea! Jez and I (and occasionally LLgal when she can get online) are still posting to the May thread. I started LL in May but foodpacks in June and there is no-one left on there!

Go for it!

Kat xx


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Well I definately spotted a gap in the market!!

Ill introduce myself first!!!

My name is melanie, i live nr heathrow airport. I am an audit manager and i have 2 girls. 4yrs and 8 mths.

My name is Katie although called Kat for short, I am 35 years old. I live in Gloucestershire with my 27 year old partner of 2 & a half years. I am a Programme Tutor/Course Developer/Mentor.

I also, LOVE Lighter Life!

Kat xx
Hello everyone. Is it OK if I join you. I've just moved into a development group after completing Lighterlife foundation where I lost 4 st.

My name is Kathryn, I'm 35 and I live in Swindon with my DH and have 2 children. My goal was to lose 6st 4lbs initially, although I might aim for losing only another 1st 4lbs now.

Looking forward to getting to know you all better.



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iiii - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your avatar pic Kat!!! You look fantastic!!!

welcome kathryn!!

What days do people weigh in on? Im on a wednesday
My new day to get weighed is a Tuesday. I missed last week's weigh in as well as I had a baby shower to go too so hopefully will be a good loss this week.
Hi Kathryn and welcome to developers!

Mel thank you :)

My weigh in day is currently a Tuesday

Kat xx


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Hi everyone
I'm Peony, will be 38 on Friday! Live near Nottingham with hubbie & daughter. I am a graphic designer and have my own company designing wedding & social stationery.

I always had to watch my weight, but it never ever got worse than a couple of stone more than it should be till about 8 years ago when work related stress & the subsequent medication took it's toll, I took my eye off the ball, lost control and whacked on 7 stone over the course of about a year. The next 8 years saw that gradually go up another 2 stone till I reached my LL start weight of 20stone 9lbs eeeeek!

My biggest regret is not finding LL before my wedding in 2003 - god I hate those photos :sigh:

My target weight is 9 stone 10lb which I hope to achieve by sometime around March/April.

Much love & good luck to all you you developers.

hellooo! I'm Snorks :wink: (will PM anyone interested my name but don't really want to put it out there) and I live in East Anglia, am 34 but 35 on Thursday! Eek!
I don't work at the moment and haven't done since being pregnant with my son 2 years ago but the time is looming fast where I'll have to get a job :cry: - especially if I am to afford to continue LL!
I lost 4lb this week! :)

I am 5lb from target!
I am 3lb from a loss of 7 stone!
I am 3lb from the next stone bracket!

I have lost 10.5 inches from my bewbies!
I have lost 17 inches from my waist!
I have lost 11.5 inches from my hips!

I have almost lost 100lb!


Kat xx
Kat - WOOHOO YOU!!!! Well Done!!! You have done fantastically well!!! You must be soooo proud of yourself!!

Kathryn - How did you get on tonight?


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Hi Snorks, welcome to the thread honey x
And Kat, well what can I say, YOU ARE A STAR - what a fab post, I am doing cartwheels for you (in my mind lol!)
Well done Kat & Kathryn! That's brilliant

I've been very tempted to nibble recently and have done a little :( - not full meals of anything like that but a bite of chicken or a piece of pasta, and when cooking for others I am tasting as I go whereas I never did that before. I hate the thought of it and don't know why I'm doing it but I need to stop it. It's not even as if it's filling me up or anything so it doesn't make any sense. :sigh: I've got WI tonight and am prepared to be disappointed in my loss (if any). I'm already disappointed in myself...:break_diet:


is loving CWP xx
Oh please don't beat yourself up snorks. You have identified what you are doing and can now put measures in place to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

I'm sure a few nibbles will not have been that many calories and therefore should not have done too much damage to your weight loss.

Just put it behind you and lookb forward to the future.

Why don't you join in the christmas challenge. I am using it to help keep me on track.

Good luck for tonight x x


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Becky is right Snorks, draw a line under it and move forward. Guilt is a pointless emotion.
Look at your stats, they are amazing - a few nibbles alone won't undo your good work, but now is the time to STOP lol before it does become something that affects your progress.
good luck hon
Hiii - I am now officially a Developer!! I loved the card thing we did (i am presuming that it is something everyone does) and all of the guys in my group (minus 1) are going on to developers.

I lost 3.7lbs this week so I am pleased with that. I also wore a dress (with leggings; one step at a time!!!) to my group in celebration!

The LLC locum gave me the photos that were taken in week 1 and then again last week. I can believe I was that fat!! The change is immense. I will try and get them scanned on.

Hope you are all well xxxx

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