development advice needed.


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Hello there. Well Im in the first week of developers and Ive picked at food a couple of times. Firstly I stayed 100% abstinent in foundation and secondly I am really quite ill (flu type thing) Being ill I have felt starving all the time and weak. The things that I have picked at have been meat so protein- in the hope I dont come out of ketosis. I also have to say that eating something all be it small has made me feel a bit better. I dont mean emotionally but a bit less weak. I dont know what is going on with me.Will I get this back under control when I clear this illness. I am thinking about swaping to lighter life light. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I would try to remind yourself you are still on the plan, exatly the same as you were in the beginning, and nip that naughty habit swiftly. It could make it very difficult for you in the remaining weeks - which is really all you have left.

We see that a lot - as soons people "finish" Foundation, they somehow in their minds think they are "done", or that something has changed - a natural reaction I suppose at a subconscious level - but in reality - nothing at all has changed.

Why are you considering changing to LL Lite? You have done so well so far, and you do not have that much further to go. You are doing great with consistant you should zip along to goal in no time!

Hang in there.....don't let the illnesses fool you. We get the nutrition we need in the packs - so you should be alright staying on packs while ill - but you made a wise choice to stick to protein if you had to.. JUst be careful it doesn;t start a "habit". :)

Hang in there misses - you are doing great. And I hope you are feeling all better now too. :)

Just remind yourself - The only difference between Foundation and Development is spelling. ;)


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I agree with BL, and I did exactly the same when I "finished" foundation. Its a mental thing and it was very hard for me to convince myself that I was not done.
Remind yourself of your goal and find that determination to just get to goal.

Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon.


nearly there!! :)
weh have a couple of people in my group go into developers, but do the same. my llc says they are moving ther goalposts, cause they are happy within themselves now (even though would still like to go further a piece) they start loosing sight of their original goals.

id advise u to re read ur book again and compare then and now and notice the change in u since the beginning...if u continue u will feel so much better than u are now even.

give urself a challenge to stick to just 4 foodpacks today...and if u "need" and extra one take a fifth.
i think there is some one on here who even though they used protein as an added extra two weeks running they actually put up!!

ur doing fab hunni xxx


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Yep you are all right. Thankyou for the advice. I think I have just discovered a major trigger of mine. Being ill has made me want the emotional comfort thing. And you are right about the moving the goal posts thing I feel like I look OK now for the first time in years. I am refocusing on my end goal. It is so close. I just had my 4 foodpacks yesterday and fully intend to do the same from now on. I phoned my LLC yesterday (well locum but she is there every week too) and that really helped. Thanks again. xxx


nearly there!! :)
well done for getting back to it hunni, ull be at goal in no time as long as u stick 100% to it.
ur doing really well be proud of urself! xxx


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for me, developers was exactly the same as foundation. Just a different group.
Stick to it as you have done already and you'll be on RTM and at your goal before you know it.
I'm feeling rough at the moment too. That time of year I guess. But things will get better. And you'll feel so much better if you keep losing the weight too.
Hope you're on the mend soon. As BL says, the only difference between foundation and developers is the spelling!